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Looking for a Victorian-era gown, Air Jordans from the 90s, or a statement jewelry piece dating back to the roaring 20s? You’re in the right town. Birmingham is a gold mine for vintage clothing and accessories for every taste. Vintage pieces open up a world of possibilities for your personal style while also being good for the planet. Unique and sustainable are very in vogue, so check out these vintage shops around The Magic City for your next rare find!


Neighborhood: Downtown
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There’s so much to be charmed by at Charm. The jewelry and gifts boutique mixes the old, new, trendy, and unique. “At Charm, our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive space that celebrates the rich tapestry of humanity and welcomes individuals from all walks of life,” says co-owner Nicole Putman.

You’ll find one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry and locally sourced gifts available online and in their downtown shop. Nicole says, “We offer an eclectic range of unique gifts, new and vintage jewelry, accessories, and locally made goods, each carefully curated to reflect the essence of timeless beauty and artistic expression. We believe incorporating both modern and vintage elements can take your style to the next level.”

A vintage bracelet with delicate artwork of flowers and butterflies accents a pink unicorn focal point.
Find delightfully charming vintage and handmade jewelry, gifts, and more at Charm. Image: Instagram

Devore Vintage

Neighborhood: Pepper Place
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Specializing in women’s high-end vintage clothing from the Victorian era through the 1970s, Devore Vintage brings exquisite pieces from all over the world to The Magic City. “I’m super interested in historical clothing in general as it connects to women’s rights. You see through the eras when women started to gain their rights, in the 1940s during the war when they went to work, and you just watch the construction of clothes change; it is so amazing,” says owner and procurer Hannah Conzelman.

From headpieces to footwear, lingerie to overcoats, Devore’s selection will transport you back in time. Due to the delicate nature of their museum-quality pieces, Devore sees customers in their Pepper Place shop by appointment only. You can peruse Devore’s ethereal collection online or contact them for an in-person appointment here.

A woman models a delicate pink robe with fur trim and wears headpiece with intricate beadwork
Devore’s one-of-a-kind collection dates back to the Victorian era. Each piece is meticulously restored by hand. Image: Instagram

Magic City Mercantile

Neighborhood: Five Points South
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Magic City Mercantile is all about sustainable streetwear, offering Birmingham a unique selection of pants, tees, headwear, and more. Owner Erwin Franklin says, “Our hope at Magic City Mercantile is to provide Birmingham and the surrounding areas with one of the best selections of 90s and early 2000s vintage clothing out there …We just want to bring the gospel of vintage and sustainable fashion to the city and make everyone look good while doing it!”

Keep up with their latest finds on Instagram and stop by their shop to snag the perfect look before it’s gone.

View of the Magic City Mercantile shop with vintage streetwear hanging around the perimeter and a table of vintage hats in the center of the room.
Vintage streetwear is the vibe at Magic City Mercantile. Image: Magic City Mercantile

ExVoto Vintage

Neighborhood: Mountain Brook
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Through artful craftsmanship and skillful design, ExVoto Vintage masterfully infuses past and present in each of its custom jewelry pieces. The ‘One of One’ collection combines vintage elements that are a century old or more with antique and handmade modern accents to create a truly unique sentiment.

ExVoto’s Birmingham base is in Mountain Brook Village, and they also have locations in Montgomery, Alabama, and Rosemary Beach, Florida. You can shop the online store to find your perfect piece. ExVoto is a proud supporter of The Cure Starts Now Foundation for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research, and a portion of each sale is donated to the cause.

Three Stacked vintage necklaces from ExVoto Vintage adorns a model's neck All feature gold chains, the lowest features an open circle made of jade and another has a vintage locket. The third necklace is a thick chain.
ExVoto Vintage creates timeless jewelry by combining antique elements with modern, handmade accents for a one-of-a-kind piece. Image: Instagram

Memory Lane

Neighborhoods: Downtown and Bessemer
More info:

‘Vintage’ might be a relative term when it comes to sneakers, but Memory Lane carries gems from the 80s onward that you won’t find anywhere else. With its extensive inventory of vintage, gently used, and brand-new sneakers, you can find the perfect pair online or in its shops. But to really get the full Memory Lane experience, head to the downtown location and behold the giant sneaker wall.

Memory Lane buys, sells, and trades top brands like Air Jordan and Yeezy, so reach out if you have a pair the team needs to see. In addition to the downtown and Bessemer locations in Birmingham, they’ve expanded to Douglasville, Georgia, and just opened a shop in Houston, Texas.

Three rows of various vintage sneakers fills the photo atop a green turf background. Sneakers are various colors and include Nike and Air Jordan brands from Memory Lane.
If you’re looking for rare sneakers, stroll on over to Memory Lane. Image: Instagram

MK Quinlan

Neighborhood: Forest Park
More Info:

As an interior designer and personal stylist, Shop Owner, and Vintage Collector, M.K. Quinlan loves to weave unique stories through vintage styling and one-of-a-kind pieces with a modern twist. The MK Quinlan shop’s vintage clothing and accessories collection reflects this style by mixing and matching timeless pieces with contemporary designers.

You can visit the Forest Park shop and peruse every unique piece or shop the collection online to find that one-of-a-kind treasure that speaks to you.

A view of the MK Quinlan store in Forest Park. A bright, airy shop features a vintage sofa with a floral pattern in the center, with colorful dresses hanging in the background. A painting hangs on the wall behind the sofa, and there are tables with various accessories around the shop.
Vintage clothing and accessories matched with modern artisan wear create a unique look at MK Quinlan. Image: Instagram

Enjoy your shopping adventures, Birmingham!


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