For many die-hard fans in the great State of Alabama, football is second only to faith. Before Sunday rolls around and it’s time to worship in the chapel, we worship in the stadiums — Jordan-Hare and Bryant-Denny to be precise. But as much as we love to talk smack at the water cooler at work and rib our Auburn or Alabama brethren when they lose, we are much more connected than divided by the one-of-a-kind significance that football holds in the hearts of both Auburn and Alabama fans. It’s not like this in other places.

Downtown Tuscaloosa

Downtown Tuscaloosa

J&M Bookstore in Auburn

J&M Bookstore in Auburn

We get chill bumps when our bands enter the stadium with their thunderous horns and proud marching. We high-five strangers beside us in the stadium with each touchdown. We sing fight songs and alma maters on full voice, like we’re little kids again. We pull out all the stops for game day celebrations, because our friends and family will all be there. When real-life tragedy befalls the other team, we step up and help our Alabama friends. Because what really makes this unique rivalry so special is the ecstatic joy and deep friendships that each school and their teams bring out in us.

So, in the spirit of our favorite rivalry, we celebrate these special towns where many of us started to figure out who we want to be, where we make our weekend pilgrimages to worship the football gods and where we find childlike joy with friends and family.

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Samford Hall is Auburn University's most iconic building.

Samford Hall is Auburn University’s most iconic building.

Tuscaloosa: Where to Shop, Eat & Play

Tuscaloosa is growing in acclaim for its incredible cuisine and small-town charm. From local lakes and trails to quaint artistic enclaves and fabulous eateries, Tuscaloosa is brimming with terrific places for you to discover. Check out our guide to where to eat, stay and play in T-Town! Read more here.

The beloved Million Dollar Band and Crimsonettes put on a special performance in front of the President's Mansion at The University of Alabama.

The beloved Million Dollar Band and Crimsonettes put on a special performance in front of the President’s Mansion at The University of Alabama.

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