We are now well on our way into this millennium. It’s 2015. Does you kitchen reflect this? Is it stuck in the 1980s, ’90s or early 2000s? The key is to embrace what you like with timeless pieces if you don’t want a dated look, or to make tweaks along the way to freshen it up. No matter your game plan, knowing what is hot in kitchen design is always fun. Here are five kitchen trends we are particularly enjoying.

Warm metals … and mix it up!

You’ve seen this popping up over the past five years, right? Well if not, you will see it everywhere in 2015. And we’re really loving metals that don’t match. Think gold, bronze, gunmetal and silver all used in one kitchen.

White Kitchen with Mixed Metals
This white kitchen has mixed metals. Notice the lighting, stools and stainless steel hood. For more pictures that show mixed metals, see this entire kitchen.

Beautiful ceilings

Don’t overlook that ceiling any longer. Add wallpaper, a different paint color or perhaps some paneling, but do something to that ceiling and have it be a show stopper.

Orange bar stools, blue ceiling ... I love this colorful kitchen!
Even better, consider adding a bold wallpaper with a fun ceiling color, as seen in this kitchen article SB ran last September. This Nashville kitchen was built out by Hammond & Brandt.

Black cabinets, black walls, black counters

White kitchens will always be on-trend and fabulous, but what about black? This is a striking choice, and you’ll see more people making this bold decision.

Black cabinets
Black cabinets make a bold statement. Here, they are paired with white cabinets as well. Interior Designer: Beth Haley Design

Painted cabinets and stained wood

Consider mixing woods for a modern look. Either different colors of wood, or painted and non-painted. They look great together!

Gray cabinets with rough wood shelving makes a great combo in this kitchen.
Gray cabinets with rough wood shelving make a great combo. Image source: ourvintagehomelove.blogspot.com

Open shelving mixed with closed cabinets

You don’t have to choose one or the other. Consider having some open shelving and some closed for the best of both worlds.

Shelving added below cabinets

These cabinets were raised and shelving adding below. Image: Zillow

If you have a fabulous kitchen you’d like to share on StyleBlueprint, let us know. We are currently reviewing kitchens for the 2015 editorial calendar. Drop us a line at [email protected].

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