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Like any young entrepreneur, Megan LaRussa Chenoweth, style coach and founder of Megan LaRussa, has little time to spare. Between meeting with clients and building her business, she stays busy. However, her personal style is never sacrificed — that’s one thing, she says, she can count on to stay flawless.

Megan recently launched Style Yourself Chic (SYC) Society, an online platform that offers resources for women looking to take their personal style to the next level. SYC Society’s goal is to arm women with the knowledge and resources they need to build a wardrobe that makes them look and feel their best.

Style Yourself Chic Society

Megan LaRussa, owner of Style Yourself Chic Society, spent several years in New York City studying fashion and working as a trend forecaster. After working in the fashion industry for several years, Megan decided to launch her own business that would directly impact women — helping them take charge of their style. “It was all about runway collections, and I loved that,” Megan says of her time spent working in the Big Apple. “But what I found personally, was that wasn’t relatable for the average woman. I wanted to change that.”

Style Yourself Chic Society

The best part of Style Yourself Chic Society, Megan says, is that it gives women direct access to all the latest fashion trends. “You’ll never have to wonder what’s in and what’s out when it comes to fashion,” she says.

“What I’ve found with so many clients is that they would go to a big store and feel overwhelmed, or they’d go to a boutique and feel like there weren’t enough options,” Megan says. “So, I said, ‘How can I fix this?’ And that’s how SYC Society came about.”

With a long list of features aimed at giving members tools to build the perfect closet, SYC Society is meant to be a one-stop shop for all wardrobe styling needs, an online library of how-tos, body-type tutorials, fashion inspiration and ultimately the keys to finding your personal style.

Megan, who has worked with hundreds of women on honing their style, says the society is built on three pillars; knowing your body type, learning how to curate your closet and shopping for your budget. “Once women master these three areas, shopping becomes less stressful and more fun,” she says.

Style Yourself Chic Society

Starting at just $27 per month, Style Yourself Chic Society offers a personal stylist at your fingertips. Megan says that’s the goal of the resource, to offer an affordable tool for women of all walks of life.

Style Yourself Chic Society

SYC Society members can work at their own speed as they experience their individual style journey through the Style Yourself Chic Society platform.

Dress for Your Body Type

Before stepping foot inside a clothing store, Megan says women must first know their body type. All fashion choices, she says, will stem from this one critical piece of knowledge.

“I have women come in here all the time who say they know which body type they are, but when I take their measurements, they’re actually not that,” Megan explains. “And that’s why their wardrobe hasn’t been working for them.”

Megan bases her styling on four body types; hourglass, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle. Even if your weight fluctuates, your body type will remain the same, she says.

Style Yourself Chic Society

“Once you have that general knowledge [of your body type], you have that for life because that doesn’t change,” says Megan.

Style Yourself Chic Society

Style Yourself Chic Society is chock full of how-to videos, body-type guides and fashion inspiration, alongside links to shop wardrobe choices suggested by Megan.

Style Yourself Chic Society

Megan doesn’t keep her tips for looking chic a secret. She gives specific tips and tricks for dressing for each body type with the aim of giving women the keys to unlock their own personal style.

“So often we end up with clothes that don’t feel just right, and it’s because you don’t know your real silhouette,” Megan explains. “Once you have that general knowledge, you have that for life because that doesn’t change.”

Once members know their body type, they get to enjoy easy access to hand-picked clothing by Megan divided into the four body-type categories. Members will never have to wonder what will look good on their frame again, she says, because they’ll only see clothing that’s picked specifically for them.

Curate Your Closet

Once society members understand their body type, the next step is editing their closet, which means removing unflattering items or anything that is “well loved,” Megan says.

When it comes to determining if an item is dated, Megan says the only true solution is staying up to speed on fashion trends — a feature that is also offered through SYC Society.

Style Yourself Chic Society

When she’s not managing Style Yourself Chic Society, Megan meets one on one with women who want to transform their closet from mundane to runway-worthy.

“Clients ask me all the time how to tell if a piece of clothing is dated, and that’s why you have to stay current,” she says. “If you’re a part of Style Yourself Chic Society, you’ll know what’s in and what’s out.”

And although getting rid of clothes can be an emotional — sometimes vulnerable — process, Megan says it’s well worth it. Working with a clean closet is a lot like working with a clean slate, she says.

Shop for Your Budget

After doing a healthy “closet cleanse,” the next step, Megan says, is to replenish your wardrobe with foundational items as well as fun accent pieces that’ll make you look and feel your best.

Creating a strong wardrobe foundation, Megan says, is pivotal in building a top-notch closet.

“I always equate it to building a house,” she says. “If you build a house on a bad foundation, it doesn’t matter how cute the rooms are — it’s not going to last. But if you have a house with a really strong foundation, it’s going to last. It’s going to feel solid. It’s going to feel strong.”

More often than not, Megan says clients find that they end up saving money by investing in their wardrobe because they’re no longer buying items they won’t wear. It’s a beautiful outcome that your wallet will love, she says.

Shop for your body type and your budget on Style Yourself Chic Society.

Style Yourself Chic Society

As part of the Style Yourself Chic Society membership, you receive access to the SYC Society Facebook Group, where you can ask other members questions as you grow and learn in your style journey.

Style Yourself Chic Society

Megan’s greatest joy is seeing a woman discover her personal style, that moment when “something clicks” and they just glow with confidence.

Once women begin to feel comfortable and confident with their wardrobe, that’s when Megan says she knows she’s succeeded. “There’s nothing more exciting to me than having a client light up and something clicks,” Megan says of the moment when “it all comes together.”

“They feel good, and they’ve got what they need to feel confident,” says Megan. “I get to see that every day, and that’s the coolest thing ever.”

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