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Birmingham’s collection of street murals is bold, beautiful and ever-growing. Each creation is a masterful work of art that showcases different aspects of the Magic City while adding character and brightness to our neighborhoods. Thanks to local artists and artists’ collectives, Birmingham is quickly becoming a hotspot for creative and colorful street art. In the spirit of celebrating these creators and their talents, here are 25 of the most notable murals around the ‘ham.

25 Birmingham Murals

It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham

“It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” is one of the most iconic murals in the Birmingham area. Travelers from near and far want to snap a pic in front of this mural to let their Instagram followers know they’re in the Magic City. This welcoming work of art was painted in August 2014 by the now dissolved Magic City Mural Collective, and it’s located on the wall next to John’s City Diner, which is at 112 Richard Arrington Blvd. N. “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” has been used as the official slogan since 1950 to promote Birmingham.

Birmingham Street Murals

This iconic mural outside John’s City Diner was created by the Magic City Mural Collective.

Wings of Avondale

The wings outside of MELT in Avondale make a perfect backdrop. Feel like a real-life angel standing amongst the colorful wings! After the original “Wings of Avondale” were vandalized last year, the community rallied to raise money so that muralist Marcus Fetch and Blank Space Birmingham could recreate this interactive mural. It is located outside of MELT at 4105 Fourth Ave. S.

Birmingham Street Murals

Find this mural outside MELT in Avondale. Image: Marcus Fetch and Blank Space Birmingham

Mural of Hope

This is called the “Mural of Hope,” in honor of the Hope for Autumn foundation that raises money for families battling childhood cancer, funding childhood cancer research and raising awareness. Through his work with RedPath Creative, the talented mural artist Marcus Fetch created this beautiful mural on the side of Good People Brewing Co. The leaves on the trees are children’s handprints, and the saying reads “With every fall comes spring.”

Birmingham Street Murals

Find this mural at Good People Brewing Co. Image: Marcus Fetch

Colorful Vulcans

This Andy Warhol- and Vulcan-inspired silhouette mural is located at 1818 Third Ave. N. Through their work with Blank Space, Kyle Kruse and Stephanie Guckenberger created the Vulcan Mural Project, which brightens the city and showcases one of the icons of Birmingham — check it out today!

Birmingham Street Murals

Find this mural at 1818 Third Ave. N. Image: Blank Space

What You Do Matters

Outside of the beloved Sozo Trading Company is a mural created by the talented team at Blank Space that encourages the community to keep moving forward and doing good. What the amazing people do at Sozo matters, what Blank Space does matters, and what we do as individuals matters. This is such a gorgeous piece and it always makes us smile as we past by it in Avondale!

What You Do Matters mural at Sozo Trading

What You Do Matters mural at Sozo Trading Co. created and photographed by Blank Space


This mural is a community-painted masterpiece located at 6 55th Place near First Avenue South. The people of Woodlawn were called to paint this mural as a way to express their voice about their community. The piece — helmed by artists Rob Clifton, Moses Presnell, Daniel Williams and Andy Jordan of Blank Space — showcases a diverse patchwork of vibrant colors and elements of jazz music.

Birmingham Street Murals

This colorful mural is located at 6 55th Place near First Avenue South. Image: Blank Space

Eyes on Birmingham

Located on First Avenue North and 39th Street, this mural will definitely catch your eye! In another one of Marcus Fetch’s artistic masterpieces. He worked on this project in conjunction with Blank Space and RedPath Creative. It depicts the haunting eyes of a weathered man staring back at you through a colorful honeycomb.

Birmingham Street Murals

Find these eyes at First Avenue North and 39th Street. Image: RedPath Creative

Farm Bowl + Juice Co. Mural

The pastel, geometric design outside of Farm Bowl + Juice Co. is definitely worth Instagramming! This striking design was created by local artist Collin Vaughn of Locomotive Creative. Although it looks just like a painting, Colin’s design was turned into a vinyl product and heat-applied onto this wall at Farm Bowl + Juice Co., located at 1920 29th Ave. S. in Homewood. It is one of the hippest new walls in town.

Birmingham Street Murals

Find this one at Farm Bowl + Juice Co. located at 1920 29th Ave. S. in Homewood. Image: Paige Burleson

Robot with Monkeys

Another amazing mural has been added to Birmingham’s artistic streets. This one is by local artist John Lytle Wilson. Find this friendly robot and his monkey friends along Morris Avenue!

Birmingham Street Murals

Find this robot by John Lytle Wilson on Morris Avenue. Image: John Lytle Wilson

Hummingbird Mural

Another gorgeous creation by Marcus Fetch and RedPath Creative brings vibrancy, color and beauty to the Highland Park area at the Niazuma apartment complex in Five Points South.

Birmingham Street Murals

Find this beautiful mural in the Highland Park area at the Niazuma apartment complex. Image: RedPath Creative

Stay Cool, Birmingham

This mural by Marcus Fetch, in concert with RedPath Creative, reminds the Magic City to stay cool. Next time you’re driving down I-65 South and pass University Boulevard, look right and you’ll see it!

Birmingham Street Murals

Spot this mural when driving down I-65 South past University Boulevard. Image: Marcus Fetch

Cyclist with Sunflowers

One of Birmingham’s brightest murals features a cyclist pedaling through the Magic City leaving a happy trail of sunflowers. This romantic and lighthearted masterpiece is located at the Alabama Ballet at 2726 First Ave. S. and created by artist Trés Taylor.

Birmingham Street Murals

This colorful mural by artist Trés Taylor is located at the Alabama Ballet studios at 2726 First Ave. S.

Before I Die …

New to the Magic City, this “Before I Die …” mural, created by Marcus Fetch and RedPath Creative, is hiding under the bridge on Morris Avenue. This interactive piece allows visitors to fill in their own bucket-list items.

Birmingham street murals

This “Before I Die …” mural is located on Morris Avenue. Image: Marcus Fetch

Oh You So Fancy Mural

This mural, located at 400 41st Street, is near the entrance of Avondale Brewery. Ms. Fancy, Avondale’s mascot and the namesake of one of Avondale Brewery’s most popular brews, gives Birminghamians a “Trunks Up” cheers. This fabulous mural was created by the artists of RedPath Creative.

Birmingham Street Murals

This “Oh! You So Fancy” mural is located on 41st Street. Image: RedPath Creative


This gorgeous Rooster Ecoscape mural is located on 30th Avenue North. It is created by tattoo artist, motorcycle paint wizard, engraving magician and mural artist, Shane B. We are particularly drawn to the ornate detailing and vibrant feathers.

Birmingham Street Murals

Find this mural on 30th Avenue North. Image: Magic City Murals

The Birmingham Pledge

We have to admit, this is probably our favorite mural in the city. Located on the side of the Birmingham Police Headquarters on First Avenue and 17th Street North and painted by artist Patricia Martin, this piece brings to life The Birmingham Pledge. In November 1997, inspired by the historic events in Birmingham during the civil rights movement, Birmingham attorney James E. Rotch composed a statement to recognize the dignity, worth and importance of every individual, regardless of race or color. This is that pledge.

Birmingham street murals

This Birmingham Pledge mural is located at the Birmingham Police Headquarters. Image: imgur

Rooted in Alabama

Located in the heart of Pepper Place, this “Rooted in Alabama” mural signifies the importance of local farmers to our community and has quickly become an iconic visual at the Entertainment District’s weekly farmers market. The concept of this mural and the image itself was taken by Paul Jones III and has become and iconic fixture at Pepper place Entertainment District.

Pepper Place

This “Rooted in Alabama” mural, a photo originally taken by Paul Jones III, is located in Pepper Place.

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Theatre District Mural

Located at 19th Street and Third Avenue North, this mural, by artist Andy Jordan of Black Space, features revered artists, B.B. King and St. Paul and the Broken Bones. With the addition of ballerinas, this masterpiece celebrates the alive and thriving arts scene in Birmingham’s Theatre District.


This Theatre District mural by artist Andy Johnson of Blank Space is located at 19th Street and Third Avenue North. Image: Blank Space


Located in West Homewood, this mural includes the names of all the roads that make up this special community. Created by Fitz Hand Painted Signs, this bright and hopefuly piece of art embodies just how important each community is to the amazing city of Birmingham. Find this mural at 168 Oxmoor Road!

Magic City Colors

One of the newest additions to Birmingham’s mural collection is this vibrant and colorful graffiti-esque wall found in Downtown Birmingham on First Avenue South. Helmed by Lewis Communications and H2 Real Estate, each section of this project was created by a different Birmingham artist, including Andy Jordan, Catriona Hegarty, Jon Osborne, Ahmad Austin and J. Chanel. It certainly brightens the walk down Rotary Trail!

Birmingham street murals

This mural is located along First Avenue South across the street from the Rotary Trail. Image: Lewis Communications

Darters in East Lake

Birmingham is the only place where Watercress Darters can be found. At the Lake Cottage Book Store, the Magic City Mural Collective showcases the beauty of these creatures through vibrant colors and masterful artistry. Portland, OR-based artist Roger Peet painted the mural over six days with help from local artists Merrilee Challis and Creighton Tynes of Tynes Signs.

Birmingham street murals

This darter mural is located at the Lake Cottage Book Store in East Lake. Image: justseeds

In This Together

In the heart of downtown Homewood on the side of Battle Republic is a symbol of hope. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, artists at Fitz Hand Painted Signs created this mural to show unity and community among Birmingham. It is the perfect reminder that we are truly all in this together.

All in This Together Mural by Fitz Hand Painted Signs

Words of encouraged created by Fitz Hand Painted Signs. Image: Redmont Properties

Hot Air Balloon

Located on 56th Street in Woodlawn, this mural painted by artists Marcus Fetch, Thurston Hamby and Moses Pressnell in connection with RedPath Creative and the Blank Space Mural Project brings a whimsical picture to the neighborhood.

Birmingham Street Murals

This hot air balloon mural is located at 56th Street in Woodlawn. Image: RedPath Creative

Know Your History

On 41st Street, right in the heart of Avondale is this mural featuring four Birmingham icons: Fred Shuttlesworth, a civil rights activist; Sun Ra, an iconic jazz musician; Angela Davis, an activist; and Spider Martin, the photojournalist. It reminds us of the powerful forces from the Magic City. This mural is by artist, Tim Kerr.

Birmingham Street Murals

This mural, by Tim Kerr, is located on 41st Street in Avondale and depicts four Birmingham icons. Image: Tim Kerr Art

Santos Coffee

This mural, created by Marcus Fetch and Sean Gilder, was commissioned by Santos Coffee in Hoover. It’s a gorgeous piece representing the union of Birmingham and fresh, delicious Guatemalan coffee. Stop by to see it and grab a hot cup of Joe while you’re there!

The Santos Coffee Mascot

Mural at Santos Coffee created by Marcus Fetch and Sean Gilder

And these are just a few of all the local murals popping up in the Magic City. Check out Marcus Fetch, Magic City Murals and Blank Space on Instagram to see more. 


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