Twenty years ago, in 1994, sisters Debbie Sarris Owen and Dora Sarris Cothren opened Theadora in Homewood. For two decades they have been advising and dressing Birmingham fashionistas and helping to make the Homewood community the shopping hub that it is today. Once an employee, Abbey Kirby brought shoes to the mix with the edition of Abbeyluxe in 2008. Catering to the college girl searching for new trends, as well as the sophisticated woman who wants to add quality pieces to her wardrobe, Theadora Abbeyluxe has a proven record of success. In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, we’re sharing 20 reasons we love this place!

Debbie, Abbey and Dora have proven that

Debbie Sarris Owen, Abbey Kirby and Dora Sarris Cothren, owners of Theadora Abbeyluxe.

Reason #1: The store is named after Debbie and Dora’s grandmother, the original Theadora.

Reason #2: They carry so many of our favorite brands like, Clover Canyon, Rebecca Taylor and SW3.

Reason #3: The shoe selection may be small, but it’s amazing.

Reason #4: Abbey knows how to pick shoes. Abbeyluxe was the first to carry the popular Antelope brand here in Birmingham, which has exploded into a local favorite.

Reason #5: Great customer service. Seriously, these girls and their many long-term employees rock!

Reason #6: You will always find one of the 3 owners in the store. Their unique personalities create the store’s jazzy retail vibe.

Reason #7: The music they have playing always makes me want to make a playlist and have a dinner party.

Reason #8: The metallic sofa ottoman is the perfect perch for trying on shoes or waiting for friends trying on clothes.

Reason #9: Dora always finds the perfect look — the one we never would have come up with on our own, but is spot on.

Reason #10: Debbie, who majored in French and aspired to be a French professor, travels extensively and always brings back amazing finds.

Reason #11: The jewelry is fun, funky and fabulous.

Reason #12: They support the local community.

Reason #13: Their changing rooms have great mirrors!

Reason #14: Their window displays always inspire new ideas.

Reason #15: Abbeyluxe offers some favorite premier lines such as Fly London, Liberty Black, Sacha London and Chocolat Blu.

Reason #16: We always find great wardrobe basics such as Rebecca Taylor, Bailey 44, Ecru, Equestrian and Lilla P.

Reason #17: But we also discover a healthy dose of Brazilian, Italian and British labels that you will not find anywhere else.

Reason #18: We love that when we want free therapy, there is always Dora.

Reason #19: When we need a straight shooter, Debbie is there for us.

Reason #20: And then there’s Abbey, who is easy going and remains as neutral as Switzerland.


Dora is always ready with an unexpected, yet spot-on outfit suggestion.

We love their fun and funky jewelry.

We love their fun and funky jewelry. 


Abbey has an eye for the up and coming shoe trends.

The metallic sofa ottoman makes for the perfect perch when trying on shoes.

The metallic sofa ottoman makes for the perfect perch when trying on shoes.


You will always find one of the three owners in the store.


Abbey has an eye for the up and coming shoe trends.

Theadora always has the latest trends.

Wonder what shoes she’ll pair with this Theadora dress?


Abbeyluxe offers a highly curated selection of shoes.


The store carries the latest trends, as well as classic pieces that stand the test of time.

Congratulations on twenty years of success!



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