It’s the week when we all look back on 2014, and we’re doing the same here at StyleBlueprint. We wanted to share our standout hits, as far as pageviews are concerned, over 2014. Now we definitely had HUGE articles that were from 2013, 2o12, etc., that just keep bringing new visitors to our site. But today, we are showcasing our top 10 articles, across all cities, that were actually written during this calendar year. Did your favorite make the list?

  1. Travel Pony: The Best Saving on Upscale Hotels,” written by Katherine Michalek, SB Atlanta (published in all SB markets)
    This article explores online travel service Travel Pony and explains how its prices come in below any other online discount travel site we could find.

    Hands down, Travel Pony's price was the best.
    Hands down, Travel Pony’s price was the best.
  2. Human Trafficking in Green Hills,” written by Liza Graves, SB Nashville
    This article came in as our number one for traffic over one day, as it was shocking to Nashville readers how human trafficking is taking place in our own backyards. Research shows that high-end areas, such as Green Hills, are where much of this illicit activity takes place.

    Human Trafficking photo
    Human Trafficking in Green Hills | This article on human trafficking hit home and helped spread much-needed awareness on the topic.
  3. The Best Ethnic Eats in Nashville,” written by guest author Vivek Surti
    Nashville loves its flavorful food! Vivek’s article did great from the moment it was published, but proved to be one with a very long tail, as the pageviews kept coming in.

    Thai Esane
    The Best Ethnic Eats in Nashville | Nashville is gaining a reputation for fabulous ethnic food. This article highlighted that fact, and our readers ate it up!
  4. “Dull to Dazzling: A House Transformed,” written by Catherine Romero, SB Birmingham (published in all SB markets)
    This house transformation captivated our readers, who are known for tuning in big time for a beautiful “before and after.” The photography was gorgeous, and the house wasn’t huge, which made it approachable and one to dream about.

    Dull to Dazzling: A House Transformed. A Top 10 Post for 2014 by StyleBlueprint: It's easy to see why our readers loved reading about this house.
    This house is gorgeous!
  5. 10 Great Ideas for Date Night on a Budget in Louisville,” written by SB Louisville intern Elizabeth Gerber
    Who doesn’t love to go out and save some money at the same time? Well, apparently everyone in Louisville was thinking this same thing when this article published. It was huge!

    10 Great Ideas for Date Night on a Budget in Louisville included great tips and several options to imbibe!
    10 Great Ideas for Date Night on a Budget in Louisville included great tips and several options to imbibe!
  6. 4 New Restaurants in Midtown,” written by Lindsey Hedgepeth, SB Memphis
    Midtown is such a fun place to shop and eat, and this article was timely, because who doesn’t want to know about the newest restaurant openings?!

    This is a fresh blueberry margarita at Babalu. Doesn't this just make you crave summer, once again?
    4 New Restaurants in Midtown | Doesn’t this just make you crave summer? This is a fresh blueberry margarita at Babalu.
  7. How To Wear Booties,” written by Cathi Aycock, SB Williamson County (published in all markets)
    Cathi started working for StyleBlueprint in October, and we looked at her and her wonderful ability to explain fashion to the everyday person and asked, “Can you please explain to us and our readers how to wear booties?” Apparently you were just as confused as we were, because this article took off like wildfire!

    Booties 101- A how to guide
    How To Wear Booties | Yes, we all needed some advice!
  8. “Things Only Locals Know About,” written in each SB City: Heidi Potter (Louisville), Catherine Romero (Birmingham), Katherine Michalek (Atlanta), Liza Graves (Nashville) and Christian Owen (Memphis)
    Basically, this article came about because we were tired of seeing all the BuzzFeed-type articles that were all about local insider tips of our cities that we felt were missing the boat. So we wrote our own in each SB city, and they did really well. Just click the city name above to read each specific one.

    The Peabody Duck March
    15 Things Locals Know About Memphis | The Peabody Duck March, photo via The Peabody
  9. Party On! Nashville’s Best Event Spaces,” written by Anna Marchetti, SB Nashville
    Here’s the thing: Nashville is hot! We all know that, and this article simultaneously appealed to locals and tourists. Do you know how many destination weddings Nashville now has? TONS!

    Party On! Nashville's Best Event Spaces. Nashville has great event space, like this one at The Rosewall.
    Party On! Nashville’s Best Event Spaces | Nashville has great event spaces, like this one at The Rosewall.
  10. “Happenings in the Summer” (top one being Nashville’s June Happenings, written by Alex Hendrickson)
    Each city had record numbers for our monthly roundup of local events in June and July. Our readers have a little more time in these months, and it shows in the numbers, as you all want to get out and enjoy your city!

    18 Nashville Happenings for June 2014. This was the highest viewed "happenings" article of the year.
    18 Nashville Happenings for June 2014. This was the highest-viewed Happenings article of the year.

Deserving special praise:
While not written in 2014, “The Real Housewives of Tennis” article takes off every few months, as people all over the country giggle at this humorous and telling tale of what to expect on the tennis courts. (HINT: It’s more than cute outfits!) Written by Heidi Potter, SB Louisville

wives of Tennis continues to cause giggles whenever it pops up.
The Real Housewives of Tennis continues to conjure giggles whenever it pops up.

Here’s to more fun reads in 2015!

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