Walk into new boutique Amour Vert, and you’re treated to versatile, classic designs as well as chic collections and beautiful silhouettes. Then the brand’s eco-friendly message hits you, and the looks are elevated to a whole new level. When you can look good AND do good at the same time, it’s always a win for any responsible shopper.

Environmentally conscious Amour Vert is a cool brand that prides itself on producing gorgeous styles and signature fabrics, all with a focus on its environmental footprint. The San Francisco-based clothing brand opened its first store outside of California late last year in Atlanta, at Ponce City Market. Now women across Atlanta can ensconce themselves in responsible textiles and fabrics that are good for the earth and for their closets.

Amour Vert

Everything at Amour Vert has some type of sustainable connection.

Amour Vert

Besides fabulous clothing, Amour Vert sells wonderful accessories and home items.

Amour Vert

This long sleeve scoop blouse is made out of Amour Vert’s mulberry silk, a fabric that can be worn year round, designed with nontoxic dyes.

Amour Vert

The boutique carries Veja sneakers — a brand made in Brazil that uses organic cotton, wild Amazonian rubber and upcycled materials. Veja is helping to save vital Amazonian rainforest acreage as well as the rubber tappers who live there.

“While we have customers nationwide, expanding our retail stores to the East Coast is a great next step for Amour Vert, and we are excited to start in Atlanta,” says CEO Aaron Hoey. “Ponce City Market is the perfect spot as it is a central location for life, energy and culture in the heart of the city. While we have this incredible new store now, we will be opening additional locations in the coming months as we expand our sustainable approach in other key U.S. markets.”

I’m personally obsessed with Amour Vert as my aesthetic is classic, comfortable and ultra flattering (I mean, who doesn’t want something flattering). I loved walking into the Ponce City Market location and passing by rack after rack of fabulous clothing that seem to work for any age and body type. If I had to choose my favorite (ahem, to anyone stocking up on birthday ideas for me), the classic biker jacket ($298), made from recycled leather, paired with a modern black jumpsuit, certainly stood out.

Because Amour Vert’s style is simple yet chic, the store has some wonderful, eco-friendly accessories to personalize a look. Choose from one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from ethically mined stones and recycled materials as well as rad shoes and handbags. In fact, I’m already planning my outfits to go with the shop’s Veja Esplar green-and-white canvas sneakers.

Amour Vert

How cute are these Lorena oxfords? The shoes, $225, are handmade in Peru and feature whimsical detailing and clever originality.

Amour Vert

Much of the jewelry available at Amour Vert features simple, organic shapes and is made from recycled metals.

Amour Vert

Scarves like these are made by weavers around the world, sourced from factories that support fair wages and fair-working conditions.

Amour Vert

I LOVE the black biker jacket hanging toward the right! Because it’s made from recycled leather, each jacket looks a little different from the other, making it feel even more special.

When you dive a little deeper into the philosophy and background of Amour Vert, it’s plain that this brand is trying to make a dent in an industry known for its dichotomous relationship between beauty and waste. The brand focuses on fabrics that don’t pollute nor create a negative impact on our world — their mulberry silk comes from a family-owned operation, in prints inspired by nature and created with non-toxic dyes; their beechwood fabric, used for its soft modal, is sustainably harvested in a carbon-neutral process, without chemicals (beechwood fiber requires 50% less land for cultivation and uses 10 times less water than non-organic cotton); their certified organic cotton uses no harsh chemicals, which lowers the risk of toxins for farmers, workers, consumers and, of course, the ecosystem. In fact, for every purchase of an Amour Vert T-shirt, the company will plant a tree in North America (so far, the count is at 200,000 trees). And most of the clothing is made right outside the label’s San Francisco headquarters, requiring less transportation and reducing Amour Vert’s carbon footprint, as well as ensuring fair treatment and wages of their workers.

Beyond the sustainable materials and ethical production, even Amour Vert’s marketing has an eco-conscious spin. Recently the brand launched the “It’s Not About Us” campaign that features real women — entrepreneurs, activists, environmentalists, mothers — wearing the brand’s fabulous clothing while sharing its message about how to do good for our planet. These women serve as inspiration for a global movement of awareness and activism.

Whether you love high quality clothing, classic shapes and styles, eco-friendly textiles or all of the above, Amour Vert is the ultimate brand dedicated to making stylish, sustainable clothes. And that’s something every gal, especially Mother Earth, can stand behind.

Amour Vert is located at Ponce City Market, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Learn more at (404) 835-2443 or amourvert.com.

All photography by Melanie Preis.


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