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Have you taken a walk outside this spring, driven by the park or just opened your eyes to the color that’s literally bursting on almost every branch, tree, bush, plant and green space in Atlanta? We’ve had a ball scouting out some of our favorite, most colorful streets and neighborhoods full of gorgeous cherry blossom trees, dogwood trees and Bartlett pear trees, in addition to the thousands of lovely spring blossoms perfect for any bouquet.

Obviously Atlanta is a huge place, and there’s no way to spotlight every neighborhood with vibrant foliage. We stayed within the general perimeter and hit up some of our fave lush spots. And let me say, many times I’m not sure what plant species I’m looking at and my hands are definitely NOT burdened with any green thumbs. However, I like what’s pretty and that, in a nutshell, is the angle of this story.


Spring is officially here!

Spring Flowers in Atlanta: Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail

The BeltLine is a great walk, year-round, but is especially fun to stroll along as the weather gets warmer. I jumped on the BeltLine around Historic Fourth Ward Park to photograph some of my favorite spring blossoms. The great thing about the BeltLine is that it’s so much more than a “trail” — it’s a garden, art installation, a path to and through great shopping and dining and now it’s a multimedia exhibit that bridges nature with music. If Trees Could Sing, just launched by The Nature Conservancy with the help of Trees Atlanta, allows pedestrians to learn more about trees (and their importance) along the BeltLine as told by some of our favorite musicians. For example, hear about pecan trees through Amy Grant’s explanation or scan the longleaf pine QR code and hear American pianist Chuck Leavell describe why these trees are now in danger.


The nice thing about the BeltLine is that there are always people enjoying the same lovely flowers and gorgeous weather.


Eeny, meeny, pick a magnolia …


This magnolia, and much of the BeltLine’s foliage, is thanks to Trees Atlanta.


Pops of color along the BeltLine

The Eastside Trail currently runs about two miles, connecting many of our favorite in-town neighborhoods and parks together. And along this lovely attraction, Trees Atlanta has been working hard to plant loads of trees, flowers, grasses and more as part of their planned 22-acre Arboretum. This “green museum,” once completed, will be breathtaking with the lush variety of plant life greeting walkers, bikers and anyone else spending some time outdoors.


Look who we ran into on the BeltLine? You may catch representatives from Trees Atlanta and the BeltLine along the path who are educated about the plants dotting the trail and willing to share their knowledge with anyone who asks.



Besides Mother Nature’s art, make sure to take a look at the art dotting the BeltLine, as well.


Learn more about some of the trees and plants dotting the BeltLine with these cool explanations, as told by musicians like Chuck Leavell, through If Trees Could Sing.

Spring Flowers in Atlanta: Piedmont Park

Someone asks you where to see some of the best flowers in Atlanta and where does your mind go first? Piedmont Park’s massive green space and status as the city’s OG park make it a natural choice to check out spring foliage. There were lots of gorgeous flowers and blossoming trees to photograph, but the thing I like about Piedmont is the absence of some plants — the negative space always draws my eyes in closer to all that the attraction has to offer. Walk among the trees, feed the ducks at the lake, play a few matches on the tennis courts, bring the pooches to the dog park — whatever you want to do outside, Piedmont Park has it covered. And once you’ve built up a thirst from bird-watching and flower collecting, stop by Park Tavern to wet your whistle.


Piedmont Park is officially in bloom!



A kaleidoscope of color!


When we hear “spring,” we tend to think pink.


The blooms always look gorgeous while sitting at Piedmont Park’s lake, overlooking the city of Atlanta.

Spring Flowers in Atlanta: Ansley Park

Right outside of Piedmont Park, is the Ansley Park neighborhood, full of gorgeous homes and grand gardens. The great thing about this section of town is that many of the streets have roundabouts and a circular grid, so you’re always passing somewhere new to stop and smell the roses (or daffodils/tulips/fill in the blank).

The neighborhood is sandwiched between Piedmont Park, Ansley Golf Club and the High Museum of Art and full of residents who form a tight-knit community. This is a great walk to take if you don’t have enough time to get through Piedmont’s huge expanse but still want to check out the spring blooms.


Ansley Park is a historical neighborhood, with towering trees that have lived for many years.


It’s hard to see where one tree ends and the next begins.


Many of the neighborhood’s lawns are postcard worthy.


Spring Flowers in Atlanta: Brookhaven

Though we didn’t have a ton of time to hit every neighborhood, suburb and picturesque street in Atlanta, we did want to address a few known for their blooms. Brookhaven’s Blackburn Park is home to one of the biggest cherry blossom festivals in the city. Approximately 140 cherry blossom trees were planted in the park in 2014 and the blooms are a welcome sight when the temperatures start to rise. In celebration of these delicate trees, the city throws the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival in early spring, just in time for the blooming schedule. Festivalgoers can participate in the 5K and 1K, visit the Children’s Village and go shopping in the Arts and Crafts Market. This year, hear musical acts The Whiskey Gentry and Humming House, among others, perform during the two-day event, on April 2 and 3, 2016.

Even if you can’t make the cherry blossom festival, this park is open all the time and you can sit among the gorgeous trees whenever you want. Just don’t wait too long or you’ll miss the bloom schedule.


Blackburn Park’s breathtaking cherry blossom trees.



Brookhaven will celebrate its plant life at the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival on April 2 and 3, 2016.

Spring Flowers in Atlanta: Atlanta Botanical Garden

OK, so I know this is sort of cheating since obviously Atlanta Botanical Garden has abundant, lush greenery. However, the indescribable vibrancy and massive blooms of ABG seem crucial to a piece about where to find the most spectacular spring flowers in Atlanta. There are gorgeous flowers to find throughout the city just by strolling around town, but we promise you will not regret spending your money on an admission ticket once you enter ABG and are ensconced by hundreds of tulips, crocuses, roses and more. Seriously, I thought for sure some of these blooms had to be of the plastic variety because they were so perfectly classic in their look, smell and touch.


This picture is not Photoshopped! This is really how vibrant Atlanta Botanical Garden is right now.


This cherry blossom tree is just starting to bloom inside ABG’s Japanese garden.


So. Many. Colors.


If you’ve never been to ABG, make sure you visit. It’s a fabulous attraction we Atlantans are lucky to have.


Life can get pretty busy, but if you don’t stop to smell the flowers, admire a tree or two and pay your respects to Mother Nature, what’s all this hectic living worth? Take a bike ride, pack a picnic and make time for spring’s overwhelming loveliness before it disappears all too quickly.

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