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Opening it’s first location on the Westside in 2003, Savvy Snoot Consignment became Atlanta’s go-to spot for high-end home furnishing consignments. After opening two other locations (one in Alpharetta and one in Merchant’s Walk), they saw a need for a newer, bigger location on the Westside.

The entrance to Savvy Snoot on Brady Avenue. Marty Mason is just next door.

One of the best things about Savvy Snoot is they have made consignment shopping chic. The experience is far from a dusty consignment shop that sells upholstery with outdated fabrics. I think their slogan “snooty brands at savvy prices” really does say it all! When I was there last week I spotted some really great finds. These Visual Comfort pendants usually sell for over $800 apiece, but each of these were just $400!

At $400 I would have snapped one of these up, but sadly no space in my house!

I also loved this slipcovered sofa. Such pretty lines and still really comfortable for some tv watching!

This sofa was priced at $1100.

A tip: “like” Savvy Snoot on Facebook. They frequently post “this just in” items along with a picture. Very easy consignment shopping!

Savvy Snoot’s new location and bigger space also gave them the opportunity to start their own furniture line right next door. Their new line, Marty Mason, is a collection of their own upholstered pieces made in North Carolina. They also carry case pieces from a few trusted sources, and one day they hope to make their own.

I loved this upholstered headboard. It was priced at $1300 for a king.

You can place a custom corder at Marty Mason for any of their upholstered pieces. They have a nice selection of fabrics too choose from, but not so many that the decisions will weigh you down! And, if you really love something, you can also purchases pieces right off the floor.

I loved the lines of this sofa, too!


A case piece from one of their trusted vendors. It was on sale for $1799.

Marty Mason also has fun accessoires and art. I loved this colorful collection of jars!

Jars and accessoires of all different shapes, sizes, and colors!

I think one of the best ideas of Savvy Snoot and Marty Mason is their design bar! All you have to do is set up an appointment at the design bar with one of their “in-store mixologists” and bring in a picture of your room, any fabrics you might already have, or anything you have been using for inspiration. And, just like at the Apple store, the service is totally free!

A glimpse of Marty Mason’s design bar.

I just love that Savvy Soot and Marty Mason are adding to the chicness of the Westside!

For more information about Savvy Snoot Westside, visit their website:


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