Today’s guest blogger is Wiff Harmer. After seeing her newly remodeled house, and knowing that she is the photographer for the remodeling projects of Nashville based contractor, The Wills Company. We asked Wiff to share some favorite photos from projects that have inspired her – read on and enjoy!



Wiff’s kitchen before – yes, it was a teeny dining room!


“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” — Mark Twain

Thank goodness this isn’t the case with The Wills Company. Being married to a man who owns an established remodeling company has serious advantages, particularly this time of year when a woman’s mind turns to all of the nagging broken screens, paint chips, dripping faucets, and off-the-track shower doors that eat away at our sanity, bit by bit. My real life Superman, Wendell, is very good with projects, but it’s his team of handymen, designers and craftsman at The Wills Company who really make my heart sing.

A well-used, well-loved porch and part of a home, built from the ground up, by The Wills Company. Lemonade, anyone?

Last year, we completed The Big Renovation, which included a family room, new kitchen and baths. While this type of project is typical for the end-to-end design/build capabilities of The Wills Company, there really aren’t any projects that fall outside of their remodeling wheelhouse. They have designed and built some of the loveliest houses in town, but heavenly kitchen re-do’s and master bath updates are their bread and butter. Ridley Wills, the founder and my husband’s partner, spearheads the design part of the process, a huge value-add from my perspective.


Check out this master bath with marble mirror. Can’t you just imagine putting makeup on here each morning? Note how wrapping the mirror in marble gives it some oomph.


Have you seen a prettier bar?


Maybe best of all is the The Wills Company handyman maintenance team. They are on call for emergencies and can actually commit to a fixed price (and stick to it) for the little stuff. The handyman service allows The Wills Company to handle all size jobs.

Did you say, “But how do I organize all of my wrapping paper?” The Wills Company Handyman Service can custom build one for you.

One of my favorite jobs as a photographer is chronicling the many wonderful projects this dream team completes. I hope these shots get your ideas flowing!

This sunroom now stands in the place of that deck. Incredible, no? If this were my sunroom, I’d never leave home.


Notice the recessed niche that has been added to this dining room. Small project. BIG impact.


It was hard to photograph this perfectly situated pool without jumping in! Drinks, anyone?


Now, for a little I Spy game. Check out the next two. Who can find the differences first?

Small changes make a big difference. See the “after” for proof.


I’ll throw you a bone. It’s the dormers and detailing. See how they make all the difference? Now, you can welcome your in-laws with pride.


To end this post, I had to throw in another porch. The perfect place to end a day in the south!

This porch is part of an historic home.

Note about photos in this post: While some of the pictures included in today’s post are mine, others were shot by colleagues – great examples of talented photographers working with gorgeous subjects.