I’m a simple woman of simple tastes, and comfort food in the form of tasty, delicious tacos will always win me over. Add killer sesame fries with a tangy chipotle ketchup to the mix and you’re talking full-blown addiction. Thankfully, I’m in treatment at the always-delicious Yumbii taqueria that expertly blends Asian and Mexican flavors into fantastic creations.

Welcome to Yumbii! Image: Yumbii

Welcome to Yumbii! Image: Yumbii

The sleek lines inside Yumbii are clean and refined.

The sleek lines inside Yumbii are clean and refined. Image: Yumbii

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Melanie, you’ve been hitting one too many happy hours since the I-85 collapse. Yumbii is a FOOD TRUCK!” Well joke’s on you because Yumbii, one of Atlanta’s first gourmet food trucks, recently acquired a brick-and-mortar, modern industrial space located on Peachtree Road in Buckhead.

Before I continue, I want to reassure on-the-go diners and food truck foodies that Yumbii hasn’t forgotten its roots. The eatery continues to keep its food truck (actually TWO food trucks) rolling throughout the city.

OK, now that we’re calm and collected, it’s time to delve into the new taqueria location and stuff my face on Yumbii’s entire delish menu. When speaking of the food, I need to start with Yumbii’s classic items — signature dishes where you can choose the protein of your liking: Asian rib-eye beef, spicy pulled pork, chicken or stir-fried tofu. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure book in the form of Asian-inspired tacos, burritos, rice bowls and quesadillas. All of these classic items are $8 (except for the tacos that are $3 each).

Image: Yumbii

The Yumbii sliders feature spicy pulled pork and sesame mayo mixed with the restaurant’s standard features. Image: Yumbii

Image: Yumbii

Tacos, anyone? Image: Yumbii

So what makes these dishes so good? It’s the same reason that Yumbii has a devout food truck following: The combination of Asian spices and Mexican ingredients works together seamlessly. Many of the dishes feature traditional elements, like rice, black bean corn salsa and shredded cheese, mixed with a tangy soy-sesame vinaigrette salad and Yumbii’s signature Korean barbecue sauce.

A personal favorite that shouldn’t be left out of your order is the fish taco ($3) — a generous piece of panko-crusted tilapia smothered in their hoisin tartar sauce and the always-perfect barbecue sauce and salad. The fish is light, flaky, not oily and perfectly pairs with Yumbii’s famous sesame fries. Speaking of fries, I know I have a fried potato obsession, but I really feel that anyone with taste buds and a willingness to overlook daily caloric intake will go crazy over these fries (and the accompanying chipotle ketchup). If you really want to throw cholesterol caution to the wind, order a side of the Sriracha cheese dip, with or without chips ($2 and $5, respectively).

A Yumbii burrito with a side of fries ... and Sriracha ketchup. YUM!

A Yumbii burrito with a side of sesame fries … and chipotle ketchup. YUM!

Other Yumbii menu items not to be missed are the nachos — a heaping pile of chips, smothered in your choice of protein and Sriracha queso (see above) as well as toppings like tangy cucumber kimchi, chipotle sour cream and the other gluttonous goodies for $8. Mix in American flavors with that Asian-Mexican mix by ordering the Philly (French sub roll holding Yumbii items) or sliders (spicy pulled pork and sesame mayo mixed with the restaurant’s standard features).

I clearly love a good Atlanta food truck, but sometimes finding somewhere to sit while maneuvering with your food and drinks (obviously that’s plural) can be tricky. And when the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s another layer of difficulty to enjoying your meal. That’s why Yumbii’s new brick-and-mortar location is so fabulous — it’s the glorious food we’ve all loved since 2010 in a convenient, air-conditioned spot. Oh, and have I mentioned there’s a huge parking lot out back?! Free, available parking in Midtown is a HUGE draw, especially for busy workers on their lunch breaks, which will allow diners to relax and savor their Yumbii tacos that much longer.

Grab a menu and start looking for your next delicious meal at Yumbii!

Grab a menu and start looking for your next delicious meal at Yumbii!

Gourmet fusion food doesn’t get better than the simple, delicious choices at Yumbii. And now, you can stuff your face with the wonderful tacos, nachos and burritos whenever you want, without having to stalk the truck schedule or wait for nice weather!

Yumbii is located at 1927 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. Phone is (404) 975-3444. Hours are Monday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can also track the Yumbii food trucks rolling through Atlanta by visiting their website


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