Initial thoughts on the Pajama Jean:

Elizabeth’s booty is looking so fine in her pair of Pajama Jeans!

I simply don’t have time to watch TV.  I keep up with Modern Family and The Good Wife online while I work, and besides sports and American Idol, that is the extent of my TV watching.  So, while finally watching some TV (Miracle on 34th Street) Christmas day, and thoroughly enjoying lying on the couch with my kids, I was mesmerized by the TV offers.  The one that jumped out at me the most was this: The Pajama Jean.


Within the hour, I was on the computer (Yes!  On Christmas!) and ordering a pair for both Elizabeth and myself.  I mean, cross the comfort of a pajama and the “sexiness” of a jean?  Who wouldn’t want this??  Whenever an ad campaign uses the word “sexy” it makes me more eager to buy it.

On the home page for the Pajama Jean, the gals from The View are talking about how great this jean is since you could eat your way through the holidays and your jeans would still fit.  Awesome.  That’s just what I need: my jeans to give me a green light to eat more.  Love this idea.  I wish they would add a Spanx liner and I would be set….

Oh, I think I ate waaaaaaaay too much. Let me loosen this hot pink pull tab to make everything better!

The smallest size you can order is a size 4.  I guess skinnier girls are plumb out of luck.  I really don’t know if Elizabeth is big enough for these jeans, but dammit, she’s getting a pair.

I was bummed to see that it would take a full 4-6 weeks to get the pajama jean.  With that amount of time, you’d think I could request a tall length, but sadly, no. However, since the infomercial states that they are cute to cuff and make into capris, I think I’ll be OK.  I’m so excited that I’ll have these in time for Valentine’s Day, and all for $39.95.  But, if I were lucky enough to order these babies through their parent company, Pajama Gram, (instead of at the pajamajean site) I could have paid $59.95.  I’m still confused as to how that works.

Oh, and they come with a free gray t-shirt that I get to keep even if I don’t like the jeans.  And, this is supposedly a $100 outfit, so that t-shirt must be worth $60.  You’d think they’d ask me what size I wanted if they are going to give me a free $60 t-shirt, but sadly no size requests are accepted.

Elizabeth is smokin’ in her free grey tee paired with her pajama jeans!

While checking out, the site asked me if I wanted to order another pair for an additional $39.95.  I clicked no.  And, wouldn’t you know it, I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to get 25% off another pair! (They really wanted me to order that second pair!) OK, cat’s out of the bag; this is actually when I decided to buy Elizabeth’s.  (So, if you are keeping tabs, we are at 50% off the parent company price….) Then, they gave me the option to order a donut pillow (you know, the kind for sitting on…..), but I declined.  I also had the option for a FREE (pay only shipping and handling) jewelry organizer. Sadly, I had to I decline that one as well.  Pajama Jeans, donut pillows, and jewelry organizers…. Who knew these were the same demographic?

The Arrival, February 11th:

I got the Pajama Jeans on February 11th and as promised these Pajama Jeans really don’t have a zipper or button to be found.  And stitches?  I mean they have some… just in a decorative way.  They do a good job mimicking real jeans at first glance; I will give them that.  And, really, who cares beyond first glance?  Since I’ve been detoxing and working my booty off to get rid of my holiday weight gain, this is just the gift I need to give myself.  Elizabeth was also super psyched about hers.  We especially love the neon pink pull tie at the waist.

They said you cuff them and make them sexy. So, I paired them with my sexiest shoes and a black leather jacket to show how versatile the grey tee and pajama jeans are. Well, this is quite the look.

We hit the mall and asked some women what they thought of our jeans.  Here is what we found out at The Mall of Green Hills.  OK….kidding.  We just couldn’t follow through with that one.  So we asked our husbands and here is what they said:

Liza’s husband, “That is not a good look.”

Elizabeth’s husband, “Are you going to walk the dog?”

So, there you have it.  The Pajama Jean.

Note: I have to admit, begrudgingly as I hate the name so much, that these are better than I thought they would be and tons better than many of the pants I see some gals wearing.  But, I will forever maintain that real jeans and skirts are always your best bet.  We are returning our Pajama Jeans.