Today, we welcome Blayne Beacham as our guest writer. Blayne is the Director of Creative Services at Beacham & Company, her mother’s real estate company, where she has the fabulous job of photographing homes all throughout Atlanta. Blayne’s creativity also extends to her blog, This Photographer’s Life, were she shares stories and pictures of some of the amazing houses she photographs, along with everyday musings. Today, she shares her ten favorite rooms she has photographed. 

Take it away, Blayne!



I’ve been the photographer here at Beacham & Company since we started the business in 2006. In that time, I’ve had the extreme fortune of photographing some of the most beautiful homes in Atlanta. Looking back over my entire portfolio for this article was a little strange. In my mind, houses are made up of rooms and spaces and light and cozy corners. I can easily pick my 10 favorite houses of all time, but when it got down to picking my 10 favorite rooms things got a little bit tougher. Each room I chose is part of a wonderful house, as well as part of the story I get to tell through photographs.


This sun room is in a house on West Wesley that was one of the first homes I ever shot. I knew very little about photography and even less about interiors! The house looks like an old castle on a hill, and I was excited to explore it.  



This sun room was located on the back of the house and let a lot of light into the home. So many emotions went into this photo because I loved the house and the homeowners. Looking back now, there are many stylish elements like the painting hanging from chains in the back and the mirror leaning up against the wall, but at the time I didn’t recognize those things… I just loved the room.



This is the living room of a GORGEOUS French home on Woodward Way. Right after we opened the company, I went over to photograph this house while it was empty. I was fresh out of college and had no idea how to deal with light, large rooms, or stone floors. I spent about 4 hours in this house trying to get one image. When I went back to the office and showed my mom the photographs, she said they were no good, and I had to go back. My uncle and I went back and spent another three to four hours there, and I think he finally got an image that worked.  



The home wound up selling eventually, and a few years later was put back on the market. I went back again, armed this time with a new camera and tons of new confidence. I got this shot on the first try, and discovered for the first time that I had improved and was developing my skill at photographing space. I also think this room is decorated BEAUTIFULLY and would move in there in a nano-second.



This is the master bath of a breathtaking Keith Summerour home on Peachtree Battle. I shot this house in 2009 and remember being speechless and amazed. It was decorated in a transitional style, and I think everything in the house was white or gray or beige. It was like being in a black and white photograph. The house might have been the cleanest I’d ever been in, too, which, as a naturally messy person, was fascinating to me. I loved this home so much that I put it on the cover of “The Beacham Series.”



This particular shot of the master bath was extremely difficult because the ceilings were so high. Those top windows were probably 10 feet above the tub. I had to get our handyman to bring a ladder into the house and up to the master bathroom just to get this shot, but it was too good not to get!



Shooting this house was an experience I’ll never forget. The homeowners created soap operas in California, and their extreme creativity was evident all over the place. It might be my favorite house of all time. It’s as big as a hotel with personal touches everywhere.  



The murals on the wall were hand painted by Carlos Nadal, who studied with Picasso. This was the first black room I had ever seen, and I liked it so much I painted my guest room black years later (though it’s nowhere near this pretty). To see more photos of this house on my blog click here.  



This home, designed by Peter Block and built/designed by Woody and Meridy King is exceptional. It sits at the end of a road with horse pastures behind it. It’s so much like living in Europe. There is an open kitchen, and the arched, wooden doors run along the back of the house and open to a porch where you can look out at the pastures. 



I love the beams and fireplace in this room. It stood out in my mind so much that I put it on the cover of “The Beacham Series.” For more pictures of this house click here.



I had about a two and a half year obsession with this room by Margaret Bosbyshell. I loved it so much that I took my tax return and bought a white bed, white bedding and painted my walls green.  


Now, the effect in my room is not the same without this killer wallpaper, but I am reminded of this room every single morning. To this day, this is the prettiest bedroom I have ever seen. The rest of this house is a study in perfection. To read more about my obsession with this house click here.



This room is a fairly recent obsession, courtesy of interior designer Mandy Culpepper. The entire house is exquisite, but this room, in particular, really caught my attention because of its boldness.



It takes a lot of guts to paint a room this bright a shade of red and pair it with those curtains and that ottoman, and the top it off with that incredible bird painting. It’s the type of guts I wish I had. Mandy made the perfect statement parings and put them together in an unforgettable room. To see more pictures, click here



How beautiful is this? It’s the family room of a home designed by Stephen Fuller with interior design by Kerry Fuller. The ceiling is vaulted and frames the doorway to the kitchen perfectly. I love the way the walls are white and the ceiling is painted blue, like an old Southern porch.


Since orange is my all time favorite color, I was drawn to the pillows and flowers immediately. This is exactly what my dream living room would look like: a mix of antique and modern, yet classically designed. For more pictures of this house, click here.



I shot this kitchen a few weeks ago. After shooting hundreds and hundreds of kitchens, I can truthfully say I’ve never seen one quite like this.  



The iron doors in the back lead out to a large, covered porch with a bed on it! Interestingly enough, the people who own this kitchen are the same people who used to own the sunroom in photo number one. This is their new house! It’s no wonder I like their taste so much.



This is my ultimate favorite room because IT’S MINE! Designer Laura Green helped me design it, which I’m sure was a challenge.  



After spending years going into the most beautiful homes in Atlanta, I had definite ideas of what I wanted, along with a shoestring budget. Laura worked with me to incorporate the birds, green and orange that I loved in all my favorite houses. Sitting in this room is a wonderful reminder of my job and all the homes I love so much. To see more of my house, click here.


Thanks so much, Blayne! To see even more of Blayne’s work, visit her website:


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