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“Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food” are the words from Hippocrates that greet you as you enter Jenny Levison’s (aka Souper Jenny) newest venture, Juicy Jenny: Community Juicebar + Superfoods Emporium. And staying true to these words, Jenny and her staff have created a welcoming space that just happens to serve really delicious and healthy juices, smoothies, and food. 

A warm welcome at Juicy Jenny

The main focus of Juicy Jenny is juice—100% organic and cold pressed. Unlike a traditional juicer, which quickly pulverizes all of the fruits and vegetables at one time, in the cold press method, each fruit and vegetable is pressed separately and mixed together. Cold pressed juices are healthier for you because the machines are able to extract more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than a traditional commercial juicer. They also have a longer shelf life (3 to 5 days) because the fruits and vegetables are not exposed to the same heat from the blades of a traditional juicer.

Juicy Jenny’s Bodacious Buzz. We love their packaging, too!

Juicy Jenny’s menu is filled delicious juices and smoothies for everyone’s palate. And with clever names like “Do I Have Kale in My Teeth” and “Power Pina Colada,” you can’t help but smile a little while downing their nutritious concoctions. My favorite is the Instant Immunity. If I feel tickle in my throat even for a second, I head to Juicy Jenny and pick up a few. New to the menu is the Almond Milk. It is my “on the go” snack as I race around town in the afternoon.

The cooler at Juicy Jenny, filled and ready to go. Because cold pressed juice takes time and because it has a 3-5 day shelf life, all cold pressed juices at Juicy Jenny are pre-made and kept in the cooler.

A recent addition to Juicy Jenny is the daily lunch bar. Open everyday except Sunday (but you can go to Cafe Jonah for brunch instead!) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m, everything on the bar is gluten-free, vegan, and organic. The food is unbelievably fresh and plentiful. They always have a hot option, and when we stopped by they were serving a cranberry bean and lentil burger topped with avocado. And they usually have some sort of kale salad and a few other vegetable salads.

Juicy Jenny’s all organic, vegan, AND gluten free lunch bar. There is a flat rate of $15 or an $8 a la carte option (one item only).

One of my favorite things that they frequently have on the bar is homemade power bread (a delicious nutty concoction) that they top with all sorts of fresh and yummy whole foods.

Homemade Power Bread topped with Mediterrian hummus, grape tomatoes, olives, and pea shoots.

And don’t think you have to grab your juice and run. Like Souper Jenny and Cafe Jonah, Juicy Jenny is filled with quirky, comfortable thrift shop furniture organized into small groups. If you have a minute to spare, Jenny and her staff want you to grab a seat, slow down, and enjoy your juice.

While chatting with Juicy Jenny’s manager, Lisa Smith, I realized that this is not just a “fad” for Jenny and her staff. Each employee truly believes in the power that food and love have on our bodies. (It’s such a positive place — every customer who came in was greeted with a hearty, genuine, “Hello, sunshine!”) Their goal is to not only serve delicious juice and food, but to create a community based on love, food, educating each other on how to take care of ourselves.

Inspiration in every corner at Juicy Jenny!

Stop in for some juice, and some love. You’ll probably find me there when you go.

Juicy Jenny is located just a few doors down from Souper Jenny. For more information, visit their Facebook page (their website is under construction).



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