You know that egg waffle everyone is Instagramming in NYC? And those sushi doughnuts everyone is snapping in LA? You can do it too! Trends may not hit Atlanta as quickly as they do other cities, but we do alright. Here’s where to go to keep your Instagram game on point. The catch? Most of them are OTP (but totally worth the drive).

Boba Bee: Egg Waffle

Boba Bee opened its cheery storefront this past spring giving Buford Highway (BuHi) goers another bubble tea option, with an added twist on the menu: egg waffle ice cream sundaes. Whereas a Belgian waffle has indentations, the egg waffle — a Hong Kong import — has bumps. Load it up with ice cream and toppings of your choice, and you have a treat made in heaven.

The Boba Bee Egg Waffle | Image: Instagirl

The Boba Bee Egg Waffle | Image: foodistagirl

ViVi Bubble Tea: Cotton Candy Float

Nondescript on the outside, adorably pink on the inside, Vivi Bubble Tea is part of an NYC chain that brought its sweet charm to BuHi this past winter. What separates it from the other bubble tea spots? Cotton candy! Choose your tea flavor — strawberry and tiramisu seem to be popular choices — and top it off with a crown of fluffy, berry-flavored cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Float | Image: ATL Bucket List

Vivi Bubble Tea‘s Cotton Candy Float | Image: ATL_bucketlist

Mac Lab: Unicorn Macarons

Those “in the know” were aware of how good the French macarons (pronounced mac-a-ron) at the Duluth sweet spot are, but when Popsugar caught wind of their unicorn macarons stuffed with Fruity Pebbles this past winter, their popularity exploded. The internet is on a unicorn kick, and these cuties are no exception. Note, the unicorn sweets are available in limited quantity, but if you miss out, have no fear! Their other macarons are equally as artistic and delightful.

Mac Lab's Unicorn Macarons | Image: mac_lab

Mac Lab‘s Unicorn Macarons | Image: mac_lab

Cheesecaked: Unicorn Shake

In keeping with the unicorn rage, Cheesecaked is the latest Atlanta spot to satisfy our craving for the mythical beast. You could go to Cheesecaked and just snack on their mini cheesecakes in such flavors as “cup of cocoa” and key lime, but how can you say no to the unicorn shake? Blended with cheesecake, ice cream, and magical secrets (we’re guessing) the milkshake is adorned with even more cheesecake and brightly colored decorations.

The Unicorn Shake | Image: eatingthroughatlanta

The Unicorn Shake at Cheesecaked | Image: eatingthroughatlanta

Poke Burri: Sushi Doughnut

One of our favorite deconstructed sushi spots is also one of Atlanta’s most Insta-worthy. The sushi doughnut trend rose to the top in California this past spring, and the We Suki Suki stall was quick to jump on. At first it wasn’t part of the menu and just a secret, but the cat’s out of the bag and you can now order it anytime.

Pokeburri's Sushi Donut | Image: atl_bucketlist

Poke Burri‘s Sushi Donut | Image: ATL_bucketlist

Petit Chou: Avocado Toast

If you roundup Insta-worthy foods and leave off avocado toast … did it really happen? Avocado toast has been around for a while now but shows no sign of slowing down. As further proof of that thesis, we offer up Petit Chou, the new Cabbagetown charmer slinging wholesome breakfast and lunch treats. Their avocado toast is a standout with house-made boursin cheese, avocado, local greens and a poached egg atop sprouted grain whole wheat toast.

Petit Chou‘s Avocado Toast | Image: bofcreative

Get out start ‘gramming! And if you try one of these Insta-worthy delights, take a pic and tag us — we’re @StyleBlueprintAtlanta.

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