Last week, Houzz released the results of their latest bathroom trends survey, and some of the results are surprising, and others not so much. According to the study, which polled 1,144 U.S. homeowners about their plans for or recent completion of a bathroom renovation project, there are two major takeaways that rose to the top.

First, baby boomers — that is, people born between 1946 and 1964 — are making changes to their bathrooms according to age-related needs or the anticipation of such needs. Their desire to “age in place” is the driving force behind the decisions they’re making in regards to their renovations.

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The other key finding revealed that master bathrooms (versus other bathrooms in the home) are enjoying some much-needed attention. However, as many as 46% of respondents are giving their entire master suite an overhaul, which includes the master bath.

Here’s a closer look at the survey results, the top bathroom trends and other interesting findings.

Baby Boomer Bathrooms

“Baby boomers today account for the largest share of renovating homeowners and the largest share of renovation spend,” says Nino Sitchinava, Houzz principal economist. “Insights reveal that a significant proportion of boomers are aware of pending aging needs and are proactive about integrating universal design features during renovations. That said, it is also clear that there are considerable opportunities to further educate the market on accessibility and that the demand for universal design features will continue to grow.”

Some of the changes boomers are making include changing the master bathroom layout, removing bathtubs and adding accessibility features (low shower curbs, grab bars and installing non-slide floors in showers and baths). Of those surveyed, one-third of baby boomers is addressing aging needs, while nearly one quarter is anticipating aging needs and planning accordingly.

Things like low- or no-curb showers are gaining in popularity among baby boomers, who are renovating their bathrooms with aging needs in mind. Image: Holly Marder

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Master Bath Beauty

In addition to the master bath being the attention-getter in the world of bathroom renovations, the Houzz survey results also show that master bath renovations are the second most expensive renovation being made, with kitchens not surprisingly ranking first.

The average cost of a master bath renovation clocks in around $7,000. However, a larger master bath renovation can run up to $16,000 thanks to the trend of homeowners in pursuit of premium features such as dual showers, one-piece toilets, vessel sinks and built-in vanities.

In addition to those key findings, bathroom trends that are gaining in — or at least maintaining their — popularity, include the use of metals for fixtures, preferably uniform versus mixed, with brushed and satin nickel at the top of the list. Gray cabinetry in bathrooms is also gaining momentum, while white and wood are still top choices for finishes.

Given that we’re living in the digital age, it’s not surprising to see a rise in popularity of bathroom technology. Things like digital controls in the shower, and built-in heated backrests, sound systems and scented mist dispensers in bathtubs are just a few of the ways in which people are living it up in the master bath.

From tile walls and gray cabinetry to consoles and dual vanities, many homeowners are upgrading their bathrooms to include premium features, a bathroom trend that has been gaining in popularity in the past three years. Image: Margot Hartford

Whether you’re looking for input, information or inspiration for your home project, or if you just want to see the complete results from the Houzz survey, click here.


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