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I think trips with your mom or your girlfriends are good for the soul. We all lead such busy lives, and slipping away to spend time with those you love grants you a fresh perspective when you return. And, while it is not easy to find the time or even the resources to do it (whether it’s the financial commitment or finding good child care while you’re away), I think it is a must every so often. When my mom and I want to stop and recharge, we head to our favorite place, Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

The entrance to Canyon Ranch Tucson

Canyon Ranch has two destination locations (Tucson and Lenox, Massachusetts), as well as a couple of spa and hotel locations. One of my favorite things about visiting the Tucson property is the chance to step out of my normal scenery. I think seeing the different forms of cacti and the mountains surrounding the Ranch forces your brain to forget your daily routines and the worries of home and lets you focus on you and your traveling companions.

How can you not be inspired by such beautiful forms of nature?


It almost seems like the mountains surround you from every angle.

The rooms are quite comfortable with plenty of space to share (although you really don’t spend much time in your room). And, the fluffy beds feel oh so nice after a long day of activity!

A double room to share. Single rooms are also available.


Most rooms have a small balcony or a small outdoor space close to your room.

You can fill your days with as many activities as you want, or you can relax and spend your time leisurely. There are no rules. Some days, I go from class to class; other days, I just take a walk around the property and then a go to a stretch class.

The electronic boards throughout the property list the day’s events, so it is easy to move from class to class.

Canyon Ranch has every class and activity that you could dream of: yoga, strength and dance classes, spinning, hiking and biking, meditation and t’ai chi. Throughout the day, there are lectures on health, fitness and beauty. And, the spa–oh, the spa! They provide every service, like massages and facials, and great body treatments like scrubs and moisturizing wraps. There are plenty of things to do around the property, as well. There is a high ropes course, a 2-mile walking path and multiple pools.

Both destination locations have multiple pools for relaxing and workouts.

Now, onto two of the most frequently asked questions, “how is the food?” and “do they restrict or count your calories?”

Whole wheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast

I think the food is pretty good. There are some nights I wish I had a few more entree options to choose from (there are usually 3-4), but the pasta and salad bar is always open. You can count on everything being fresh and portioned in proper sizes.

Spinach Salad with Oranges and Red Pepper. I often added a piece of grilled salmon or chicken on top.

And, no. They do not restrict your calories. Listed beside every food item are the calories, fat grams, protein, sodium, and fiber so that you can make an educated choice. But, no one tells you what to eat at every meal! In fact, I think it is easy to gain weight eating their fresh and healthy food if you aren’t careful!

Pizza! With chopped tomato and spinach, hummus with a side of crackers, and a Greek salad served poolside.

If you are hungry between meals and need a pick me up, it is easy to grab a snack. Fresh fruit is all around and you can also pick up snacks like a string cheese or a fruit smoothie.

Granola for a snack.

Well, it is definitely easier said then done, but stepping away from your daily routine and spending time with girlfriends or your mom really does recharge your soul!



Where is your favorite place to take a trip with your girlfriends?

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