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We’ve flipped head over heels for “Flip or Flop Atlanta”‘s Anita Corsini! This University of Georgia mathematics grad went from high school math teacher (and self-described “proud nerd”) to real estate and design guru … a “proud nerd” even today. She, along with her college sweetheart-turned-husband Ken, went into business together and founded Red Barn Homes, transforming houses — and the lives of those who reside there — across metro Atlanta. Besides showing off her flipping tips on her HGTV show, this mom of three is active in many worthwhile causes. Along with volunteering with MUST Ministries, she and Ken started Roc.Star Kids Foundation after their own child, then age 3, was diagnosed with cancer; the organization helps in the fight against childhood cancers and supports families dealing with the serious condition. We’re so honored to welcome Anita Corsini as StyleBlueprint’s newest FACE of the South.

Anita Corsini

Anita Corsini stars in “Flip or Flop Atlanta,” is the co-founder of Red Barn Homes, and today, she’s our newest FACE of the South!

What are the pros and cons of working with your husband?

I love working with my husband. We have been together for so long and have such a deep understanding of one another, which gives us the opportunity to really highlight each other’s strengths and support each other’s weaknesses. The cons? Well, bringing work home or talking about work in the evening … it can be hard to disconnect at times.

What were/are your favorite date spots at the University of Georgia?

My favorite was going to Little Italy Pizzeria — getting a veggie sub, bringing it to north campus and having a picnic. Second to that would be the intramural fields and the Mayflower Restaurant for breakfast.

How did you go from mathematics degrees and teaching high school math to your current career in real estate and design?

I truly love mathematics and education. I will always be a champion for education; it was my first love and passion. The last year I taught, Ken started the real estate business, so when I was expecting our first child, it was natural for me to join him in the business and build something that would allow for flexibility for us as a family. Now, what’s wonderful is to have experience in two fields that I love! Honestly, I think teachers can adapt to any profession — the skills you learn as an educator translate really well across many industries.

Anita Corsini

Anita joined her husband Ken in running Red Barn Homes when she was pregnant with her first child.

You and Ken are both Atlanta transplants. What are your favorite parts about living here?

Atlanta is our home. Having gone to high school here, some of my closest friends are still in and around Atlanta, and that makes our history here rich and really special.

What are the most surprising outcomes from evolving your business to television?

The TV show did a good job of capturing our business — it was a wonderful catalyst to grow our brokerage, mortgage company and home renovations. I am most excited about launching design services for investors and individual homeowners.

Your son Rocco, 8, is a cancer survivor. How are he and the rest of the family doing? How do you give back to other families in similar situations?

Rocco is doing great! He’s an 8-year-old boy doing all 8-year-old boy things. We are extremely grateful for his health. We have started a nonprofit, Roc.Star Kids, to support families in the fight against childhood cancer and to help raise support for cancer research. We serve lunch at the local children’s hospital once a month and are big advocates for the precision medicine program.

Anita Corsini

The leap from teacher to business owner wasn’t that far-fetched. “I think teachers can adapt to any profession — the skills you learn as an educator translate really well across many industries,” Anita says.

What has been your favorite “flip” in Atlanta? Why?

Oh gosh, I have loved a lot of our homes! Probably my favorite was a house in Woodstock — I loved it because it was physically close to us, had a great comeback story, and the design was influenced by my mother and grandmother. It was fun to meld our styles together to make a perfect little cottage.

What are your favorite places in Atlanta to decorate/update a home coming to market?

I love little bungalows. They’re my favorite spaces to work with. A little 3/2 with a great yard and an amazing front porch? Sign me up all day!

Anita Corsini

Her favorite flips? Bungalows with amazing potential. “A little 3/2 with a great yard and an amazing front porch? Sign me up all day!” Anita says.

What is an easy, affordable way to update a space?

Sometimes if you cannot change your big furniture, you can still update your space by rearranging the layout and updating small things like pillows, throws and accent decor. It’s a great way to change your color scheme and add in some unexpected design elements by just altering what you have with a few new things. If you want to go further, you can always change paint, rugs, etc., but I always tell clients, paint is the easiest hard thing to pick out.

Besides your son Rocco, you have two daughters. Would you prefer them to study mathematics and education, like you did, or take over the family real estate business?

I just want our kids to be themselves and study their passions — I will support them whatever their path.

What is the one space that really attracts/repulses potential buyers?

Buyers love kitchens, baths, open living spaces and curb appeal (never underestimate the exterior of a home). Today, buyers are turned off by compartmentalized homes and dark spaces — lighting plays a big role for the ‘feel’ of a home as buyers walk through.

Anita Corsini

“I always tell clients, paint is the easiest hard thing to pick out,” Anita says of an easy(ish) way to spruce up a space.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Eyes on Jesus. Always.

What are three things you cannot live without, aside from friends, family and faith?

Probably my pens, kickboxing classes and a really good pair of scissors. Trader Joe’s is my runner up!

Our thanks to Anita Corsini for sharing so much about her business, her wonderful family and her very busy life. And as always, we thank CatMax Photography for today’s lovely photos.


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