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While spending their 20’s in fast-paced cities, rising up through the ranks of their corporate jobs, sisters Sarah and Jenny Bronczek often talked about joining forces one day, doing something away from corporate culture and more in tune with their values and dreams. So after many, many conversations and dreaming of their vision, the sisters decided to go out on a limb and open a spa products gift store. They wanted a space filled with products they loved and used, things that make people smile and rave when they receive them as gifts. After working on the store’s concept for a year, the sisters opened Ona Atlanta last February.

The sisters wanted Ona to be serene and calming–a space that allows one to step away from the stresses of everyday life!

Both Sarah and Jenny knew running their store would be different from their corporate jobs, but they had no idea how uplifting their experience would be. Owning their shop and working there everyday has given them a chance to get to know their customers and their customers’ stories. They said they are always touched by their customers, whether they are buying something to treat themselves or a gift to give a friend who is experiencing a hard time. They love seeing people love what they love!

Ona stocks everything you would need for a lovely gift for your girlfriends (or yourself!). They have tons of candles, soaps, bath salts, baby gifts, and even a few lines for the men in your life!
Ona offers a great selection of candles in every color and scent imaginable!

Now that Ona Atlanta has been open a full year, the sisters are dreaming again! They would love to develop their own product line of candles and bath products. And, they would love to expand to other Southern cities, especially their hometown of Memphis!


I loved the bright yellow packaging of these teas. They are the perfect thing to pair alongside a candle and some bath salts for a lovely gift.

With the arrival of spring gift season, Ona is a great spot to stop by for teachers gifts, Mother’s Day and graduation gifts. Sarah and Jenny can easily pull together a gift for you and wrap it up so you are good to go! My favorite item in the store is the honeycomb bath mitt that we featured in our February FINDS. I use it every time I shower and just love how soft it leaves my skin.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bottle of bath salts. They’re perfect for displaying in your bathroom and, of course, using in your bath.

Ona Atlanta is located in Shops Around Lenox next to Lenox Mall. If you haven’t been over there in a while, it is a must-go. Ona alone is worth the trip, and they have a great new selection of shops and some new restaurants!

Ona Atlanta

Shops Around Lenox

3400 Around Lenox Rd. 

(404) 812-0002


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