Weeknight dinners are such a fire drill, it seems. Cook it, eat it, clean up, go! And pass the Tums, please, because we all have indigestion from racing on to the next thing before we’ve barely finished chewing! Not an ideal situation, but one we all face at times, to be sure. Today, we have five easy dinner recipes that will make the cooking part quick so maybe you and your near-and-dears can slow down and enjoy the moment, and of course scurry and scatter from the table, back into high gear. Bon apétite!

5 easy weeknight meals

Citrus Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin

From StyleBlueprint Birmingham writer, Catherine Romero: This pork tenderloin recipe needs to marinate for at least a couple of hours so I like to make the marinade the night before and then add the pork to it a few hours before I plan to cook it. I also like to double this recipe so I can use the leftovers for sandwiches or tacos the next night. This recipe is simple and quick, just what you need when there’s a lot on your plate! Details here.

Citrus-Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin. For recipe, click here.

One Pot Chicken and Rice

From StyleBlueprint Atlanta writer, Katherine Snell: I found this recipe last year in The Canal House Volume no. 6 cookbook and it quickly found a spot in my regular cooking rotation. And when I say regular, I mean once a week. It is just that good. It is everything you want in regular meal. The ingredients are uncomplicated, the flavors are simple and comforting, and you only get one, single pot dirty. Details here.

One Pot Chicken and Rice. For recipe, click here.
One Pot Chicken and Rice. For recipe, click here.

Olive Bar Salad

From StyleBlueprint Cofounder, Liza Graves: This salad is seriously good enough for any casual dinner party (if everyone likes olives!). Serve on it’s own or grill some lemon pepper chicken to serve along side. It’s also easy to adjust to have it be vegan or paleo. Just typing this up, I promise I’m making this again this week as my most of my family likes olives (and those who don’t will get a pb&j!) This is seriously the easiest recipe ever and it’s just so tasty! Details here.

A trip to the olive bar, plus a few other veggies, makes this salad an easy one to whip up in no time!
Olive Bar Salad. For recipe, click here.


Easy Lemon Chicken

From StyleBlueprint Louisville writer, Heidi Potter: Here is a wonderful, easy family dinner that everyone will enjoy. As a plus, it all cooks in one pan. This recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks, The Sopranos Family Cookbook with recipes by Michele Scicolone. It’s an older book and every recipe is a jackpot. (Makes you miss Tony and Carmela too.) Details here.

Easy Lemon Chicken. For recipe, click here.
Easy Lemon Chicken. For recipe, click here.

Pork Apple Bake

From StyleBlueprint Memphis writer, Christian Owen: Add a side of rice and your choice of green vegetable to this pork chop and apple dish for a traditional homemade meal everyone will love. A perfect weekday menu for sitting down at the table with your family! Details here.

Pork Apple Bake. For recipe, click here.
Pork Apple Bake. For recipe, click here.

Whew. That was easy!

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