The Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse never fails to bring interesting design ideas to life, and the 2020 home is no different. While located just a few houses away from the 2019 showhouse in the Mado neighborhood, the 2020 design spectacular is a world of difference. The home has not yet been purchased, but touring the modern single-story house, you can almost picture the family that could live within its walls.

This imaginary family is well-traveled and worldly. They’ve spent decades collecting art ranging from local painters to exotic sculptors. Their style is influenced by their many trips abroad, which range from the bustling streets of Asia, as shown by the hand-painted silkscreens hanging in the laundry room and foyer, to the sprawling plains of Africa evident by the zebra hide rug found in the dining room. They value moments together in their open-concept living and outdoor spaces as well as independent time in their own cozy quarters.

2020 Serenbe Designer Showhouse

Taking place through October 4, the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles 2020 Serenbe Designer Showhouse once again exceeds expectations.

The 2,427-square-foot home is modest, unlike the many sizable, often grandiose, spaces that showhouses have become synonymous with over the years. It features just three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms yet has ample living space, including the covered deck designed by Whitney Durham, which spans nearly the same width as the neighboring living room. Instead of touring this home front to back, we challenge you to tour it back to front, daydreaming about the family that could occupy the home (and probably one day will!).

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In true Whitney Durham Interiors style, punchy colors reign supreme on the deck, which is a stark contrast to the earth and mineral tones throughout the rest of the home. Contrasting features on clean-lined furniture, animal prints, and upcycled vintage accessories, such as the coral bar cart, add spice and personality. Framing it all are floor-to-ceiling linen panels in Schumacher’s Exotic Butterfly fabric in the colorway “spring.” The playful pattern is a clear nod to mid-century vibes and showcases the faux-residents’ whimsical side. They are collectors, after all!

Porch designed by Whitney Durham

A beautiful covered porch designed by Maggie Griffin welcomes guests as they enter the home.

Porch designed by Whitney Durham at the 2020 Serenbe Designer Showhouse

Bright colors, bold patterns and vintage decor adorn the front porch, serving as the perfect contrast to the earth and mineral tones seen throughout the interior of the home.

The home manages to be in the center of all that Serenbe offers, while maintaining a sense of serenity, largely due to the muted finishes and furniture selections. Moving indoors, matte black hardware, selected by specifications and living room designer Lorraine Enwright of Intuitive Dwellings, is used almost exclusively throughout the home. It subtly anchors each room while adding a contemporary touch and complements many of the other selections, including the Cirrus Gray quartzite fireplace surround and Fantasy Brown marble waterfall island in the kitchen, both by MSI Surfaces.

Matte black living room hardware picked out by Lorraine Enwright of Intuitive Dwellings

Matte black hardware, picked out by specifications and living room designer Lorraine Enwright of Intuitive Dwellings, subtly anchors each space while adding contemporary flair.

Fireplace in 2020 Serenbe Designer Showhouse

With cooler weather on the way, the Cirrus Gray quartzite fireplace surround by MSI Surfaces is ready to bring warmth to the home’s living room.

Fantasy Brown marble waterfall island by MSI Surface

Again from MSI Surfaces, the kitchen’s Fantasy Brown marble waterfall island complements the space’s earthy tones and dark-colored hardware. Room design by Elizabeth Ferguson.

Throughout the house, visitors will notice common threads such as textural choices by designers that include natural fiber rugs, velvet drapery with tassel tape trims, and even slubby upholstery — which was once considered to be imperfect but now adds a casual, lived-in element to spaces. In the primary bedroom designed by Patrick and Meghan Sharp of Mister + Mrs. Sharp, an abaca rug by Patterson Flynn Martin in a bold, crop-circle-esque design gives interest and depth to the room while leading you to the spacious bathroom where a quatrefoil marble tile runs the length of the space and is highlighted by black cabinetry and Black Oak marble in the shower.

Of course, the two smaller bedrooms pack their own punch. Bedroom three, designed by Ashley Malone of Bennett Malone Interior Design, capitalizes on tight quarters by filling the room with unique art, olive green walls, and a bamboo-style (black again!) light fixture hung low enough to draw the towering ceilings down to create a comforting cocoon. The final bedroom is connected to its sister by a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, each with its own sink space. In contrast, however, bedroom two, designed by Stephanie Andrews of Balance Design, capitalizes on the expansive ceiling with Anewall Tawny Mural wallpaper from Lulu and Georgia. The room’s boho vibe, complete with a hanging twin bed, is fitting for a teenage girl.

Bedroom by Ashley Malone of Bennett Malone Interior Design at 2020 Serenbe Designer Showhouse

Designed by Ashley Malone of Bennett Malone Interior Design, this bedroom’s olive green walls, unique wall art and greenery create a relaxing and luxurious escape.

Bedroom with floating twin bed by Stephanie Andrews of Balance Design

Stephanie Andrews of Balance Design used a patterned rug, hanging twin bed and pastel colors to add to this bedroom’s bohemian feel.

Bedroom desk in 2020 Senebe Designer Showhouse

This desk, placed thoughtfully by a bright window, serves as the perfect homework spot for a teenager.

Across the foyer, the mudroom and laundry room by Maggie Griffin, of Maggie Griffin, doubles as the all-too-necessary COVID-19 era office space. A small, antique Chinoiserie desk (again, black) and ghost chair fit neatly in the corner while the usually unsightly washer and dryer are stashed discreetly behind custom cabinetry. As though the miniature version of the entire home, this small but functional space is the epitome of pragmatic beauty!

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The Serenbe Designer Showhouse is presented by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles and benefits the Art Farm, Serenbe’s 40-acre outdoor art-centric complex. The showhouse is located at 11325 Serenbe Lane, Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268, and runs now through October 4. Hours are Thursday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Private tours are available for bookings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Social distancing and masks are mandatory, and extra cleaning and hygiene measures are implemented. Admission is $25. Find more information at

Photography by Jessica Ashley.


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