SB FINDS Nashville: January 2012

We normally include all of our favorite things to buy around town with our FINDS and we’ll be back next month doing just that. But, for January, we wanted to include ways to keep those resolutions we all made last week.  So, here is our Resolution Finds list for January 2012.

And, if you want some FINDS more in line with our traditional monthly lists, check out Louisville and Memphis’s StyleBlueprint Finds.  Heidi and Lindsey came up with some great ones:

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Get Organized:

With The Container Store’s annual 30% off elfa storage system sale, this is a great place to start. A specialist at the store will help you with any room, just have measurements handy. They will help you via phone as well.

If the thought of a complete overhaul sounds too intense, professional organizer Mridu Parikh suggests this easy to install adjustable rod for those small spaces in your home. It will literally double your hanging space! (You can find out more tips at Mridu’s blog, click here.) Or, you could hire Mridu and really make yourself accountable to your organizational goals!

Available at The Container Store for just $19.99

The blog, Unclutterer, speaks volumes on ways to break bad habits and create new ones on the quest to become more organized. For example, click here for a post offering 7 simple routines to incorporate that will begin to organize your life right away. 

Here’s to ridding yourself of unwanted clutter in 2012. 

Eat Healthy:

Pledge to start eating more raw vegetables and fruits. Get off the processed foods train. Buy a new cookbook or health book to inspire you. 

This book subscribes such "radical" thinking as eating huge salads. But, we're not just talking one salad a day. Dr. Fuhrman teaches you the importance of including raw vegetables with each meal and will inspire you to better your health.

The blog Family Fresh Cooking offers up nutritious whole food recipes with ideas that might inspire you to cook a little more often. This recipe for Spaghetti Squash Sesame Noodles with Edamame, featured on Kayce’s Blog, got us hooked.  

Courtesy of Family Fresh Cooking. Click picture for more details.

If you’re old enough to remember the Moosewood Cookbook, then you’ll appreciate how far vegetarian cooking has come since it was first published in 1977.  Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is the bible for vegetarians when if comes to creative and delicious meals.  It gives you a huge number of choices with many options to jazz things up.  This fabulous cookbook is a great purchase to make if you are committed to eating less meat and more green. 

If I can look as healthy as Deborah, then I'll eat more veggies--promise.


Get Fit:

Get out of your rut and try a new exercise class.  Your body and muscles will thank you. 

Kettlebell class at Nashville Kettleball. Click photo for more details.

This month lululemon is hosting FREE Bar Method classes. Join them at the studio, located at 4301 Harding Road, Suite D. Keep track of lululemon’s free classes, offered each month on their Community Events page: click here.

Bar Method classes

These cool sneaks look as good running errands around town as they do working out.  Nike Free Run 2’s come in tons of colors.  They are quickly becoming the rage on Nashville’s greenways. 

Light weight and versatile, these running shoes look great anytime.


Save Money:

We all complain about the cost of gas. Here is a way to lessen the burden: The SmartFuel App.

SmartFuel was developed by Nashville's own Michael Sohr.

SmartFuel can save you serious money on gas. This app gathers real time data from Oil Price Information Service – so no human error is involved – and has 1,000,000 price updates daily! Many times you can find gas 10-15 cents a gallon cheaper within a 1/4 mile of a higher priced station. The app also grades gas stations on cleanliness and safety. Perfect for around town driving and road trips.

This app is one to buy at just $8.99/year. Even better, your first 30 days are free to test drive this app.

Be Green:

For us, when we find little ways to be green each day, we feel more connected to our community and planet. 

These reusable bags replace ziplock bags for snacks and sandwiches and can be washed 1000 times! Available at both Woo Skincare + Cosmetics and The Container Store.

With several designs and two sizes available, these bags are a great way to cut down our dependence on plastic sandwich bags. $6.99-8.99

Invest in a water bottle and pledge to not buy another disposable one bottle this year. Not easy to do, but a cute water bottle like the one below makes this resolution a bit easier to keep:

Made in the USA from recycled aluminum. $16 at REI. Click for details.

Get Sleep:

We found this article on 10 iPhone apps that encourage a better night’s sleep. And, since we all seem – at one point or another – to have issues here, it’s best to have an arsenal of help on hand:

Here’s a low tech way to encourage good sleep: a lavender-filled eye pillow. We like this one by Jane, Inc. – the silk fabric’s cooling effect on your eyes is blissful.

$20 by Jane, Inc. Click for details.

Enjoy Life:

Pledge to do something new every month. Invite some friends and you are off to a great start. Eat at a new restaurant, climb a rock climbing wall, slide down a zip-line or go to a new music venue. By the end of this year, these new things will be highlights for your entire year!

If you have not seen this show at the Station Inn, add it to your Enjoy Life list this year. Click photo for details.


Here’s to a fabulous 2012. Thank for spending some of it with us, at StyleBlueprint.