Yellow in a Sea of Grey

With yellow being the emerging power color of 2012, now’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the classic and timeless color combination of yellow with one of my favorite colors, grey.  (Yes, I do use the English spelling GREY. I always have. It just looks better that way!) This combination works in nature, home decor and fashion. It’s equally traditional, modern, youthful and hip. Yellow is a hard color to get right. But, when paired with grey, it’s power is fully revealed.

Home Decor:

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I believe this image is from LONNY, but the link is broken so I can’t be sure.

Southern Living Texas Show House


Okay, here’s the thing, if you think finding the right shade of yellow is hard for your walls or your sofa, try finding one to match your skin tone!  Dreadful.  It is near impossible.  But, that said, yellow is super hip right now.

From Vintage Traffic website; 2012 Runway shows.

From Vintage Traffic website; 2012 Runway shows.

Blake Lively, always ahead of the trends, dressed in yellow with a grey belt and jewelry last year.

Most women would look better in the reverse of Blake Lively’s outfit: a grey dress, with a yellow skinny belt. It’s a cautionary truth that most of us simply can’t pull off yellow. I mean, look at those models. Even they don’t look fabulous in those shades of yellow they were asked to wear.

Grey dresses with yellow bouquet accents – much better.

Consider this outfit by J Crew:

Now, with ONE of the following accessories, you have instant yellow appeal, no jaundice coloring required: (all accessories found at Nordstrom)




Or, maybe just add this watch.  Watches as a fashion accessory are bold and back with a vengeance!

ICE watch, $50

No wonder yellow has always been popular in rain wear: it looks perfect against the grey sky backdrop!

So pretty



I love these images:

These flowers from Scoot’s Lovely’s Pinterest board. You should click to check out this flowers board.

Pretty yellow and grey flowers used at a wedding.




Time to add some yellow to your life!


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