Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy During the Holidays!

Sarah Jane Hill, co-owner of Krank, joins us today to talk about staying fit during the holidays.

What’s another piece of pie? A possible snowball… Here are some ideas to help keep you on track:

#1 DON’T SKIP YOUR WORKOUT. Make it a priority in the season. Get up earlier. Go to a later class and sleep like a baby.Cut your workout time in half, but ramp up the high interval training. TRULY THE BEST GIFT TO YOURSELF. Breathe, sweat and zone out and arrive zoned in.

#2 EAT A PROTEIN-PACKED 100 – 200 CALORIE snack before dinner or a party.

  • ½ T. Peanut Butter and an Apple
  • 2 Deli Turkey and Lite Cheese Roll Ups
  • 4 Scrambled Egg Whites
  • Quinoa and Veggies (1/4 cup of quinoa)
  • 2 Trader Joes Turkey Meatballs


#3 SURVEY THE LAND. Check out your options at parties and buffets before diving into oblivion. Take one of each. Pick three of your favorites, regardless of calories. No limit on veggies or fruit. (Nobody eats the veggies anyway, so I always consider it a help to the host.)

#4 ABSOLUTELY ELIMINATE SODA, DIET SODA AND PUNCH!! Take this season to take control of the wasted calories in high sugar drinks and diet sodas that ramp up and confuse your metabolism and cravings. And we could talk about punch, but it’s truly unmentionable. Introduce yourself to LA CROIX sparkling waters. Yummy flavors like Coconut, Grapefruit, Raspberry/Cranberry, Lime, etc. Amazing and refreshing.

#5 TREAT YOURSELF. Decide ahead that you’ll have the best cookie, best piece a pie. Eat slowly. Savor. The season goes so fast as it is, sometimes slowing down is the best success.

Here’s a low calorie holiday cocktail recipe to enjoy!

It’s sparkly, festive and smells amazing! And it’s only 89 calories!!

  • Ingredients:
 1 oz. Plymouth gin, 
½ oz. fresh lime juice, 
2 oz. ginger beer
  • Directions: 
Serve Plymouth gin with fresh lime juice, spicy ginger beer and a sprig of fresh rosemary.
  • Nutrition Info
: 89 calories, 6 carbs, 3.5 sugars, 0 g fat


A regular 4-ounce glass of this bubbly beverage has only 89 calories. That’s about 15 calories less than the same size glass of wine and between 15 to 100 calories less than a 12-ounce bottle of beer.

Happy holidays!


Thanks, Sarah Jane! Want more ideas for cocktails? And how about appetizers? Our other SB sister cities have some great ones today!