Wardrobe Essential: The Crew by Claridge + King

Every now and then we are going to dedicate a post to that one perfect item, or perhaps even an entire outfit, that we have found to be an absolute ESSENTIAL. A life changer. A must have. Today, I’m highlighting an essential that I grab for time and time again: the Crew, by Claridge + King.

I’ve had this piece for about a year and it finds its way into my wardrobe choices almost weekly. But, after a trip to New York this past November, I am convinced that it may also be the greatest travel piece ever made.

The Crew is one part tunic and one part dress. It can be worn over leggings, over jeans or on its own. It can be bunched up or pulled down. The sleeves are extra long, which I adore as I tend to get cold and I like having the comfort of bringing those sleeves onto my hands. When you leave on your weekend trip, wear this one top with a pair of thick leggings and boots, and all you have to pack is one pair of jeans, some tights and a pair of flats and you can seriously get three outfits (if it doesn’t gross you out to wear the same top three days in a row… it’s your call.)

The Crew: I SO wish I looked like THIS in it. It’s $92.

If you need more opining on this one brilliant top/dress/tunic, you should have heard Heather, VP of Elaine Turner, when we were chatting at their Grand Opening Party in Nashville last month. I followed up with her and here is what she said, “I’m so glad you’re doing a story on the Crew. They (as I have all three colors) are truly the best! I just flew to Berlin for NYE and I, of course, wore it on the plane. Even though I had been sitting on the plane for 9+ hrs, I threw on a cheetah scarf and was ready to go out once I landed!”

We don’t have a photo of Heather on NYE in Berlin, but we do have this photo of her with Elaine in a common scenario: Heather in the Crew (many times they both are in it) and decked out with Elaine Turner accessories (in case you are drooling over the handbags and shoes! And, FYI, tons of the store is 50-70% off right now… at The Mall at Green Hills (near The Container Store) and here: Elaine Turner) Much of the Claridge + King collection is sold at all Elaine Turner stores.


And, one more story: I emailed the Claridge + King gals, they are sisters, to ask about why they designed this piece. Well, they were at Market in Atlanta and Liz King was wearing the the Crew, in Storm, at that very moment. So, I had Laurann Claridge snap a photo of her sister:

Liz King wearing the Crew as I’m emailing her!

Here is what Laurann said about designing the piece, “To answer your question of why we designed the Crew… Liz and I are always on the search for the pieces missing in our own closets. I personally gravitate toward clothing that is multipurpose. We love to offer women pieces that can do double duty. In this case the Crew works as a dress, skimming your hips or a long top to pair over skinny jeans or leggings pulling it up to the length we desire. The Crew also features fingertip length sleeves, which for us is useful, because not only do we have longer limbs, but when we get a chill can pull those sleeves up over our hands.”

So, back to my NYC trip. Here is a photo to prove I was wearing it everywhere. This photo was taken in the lounge, found inside the restroom, of Beauty & Essex (a restaurant recently in the tabloids, as Tom Cruise has been seen out with the hostess here). Yes, a champagne bar in actually INSIDE the restroom, so that’s why I have a glass in my hand! But, I’m with my college friends and I’m wearing the Crew. I had been wearing it all day with boots and we ran out of time shopping and had to head straight for dinner, shopping bags and all!

At the restroom lounge at Beauty & Essex, wearing my black Crew layered with a black leather jacket. Anna Small, Meredith Meadgen and KC Abbott (co-owner of Nashville’s Boutique Bella) and me.

I wore this same piece on the plane to NYC with Pixie Pants, by J. Crew, a www.jmclaughlin.com scarf and my Frye boots:

Order the Crew online or, in Nashville, it can be found locally at AshBlueJAMIE and Elaine Turner sell this brand as well. Price: $92.

My point is this: to make your life easier, you need some pieces in your wardrobe that work triple duty. For me, the Crew is just that piece.

For more information about the Crew or Claridge + King, visit: http://claridgeandking.com.

If you have some pieces that work triple duty for you, please share. I need some more!