Traveling the World on White Bridge Road

Insight into how we work: we plan, we do research, we are methodical. Then, life slaps us in the face and we cry, “Uncle!” In the midst of such pleas for help, some post ideas are abandoned for what is currently REAL for us. So, while we planned an early fall canning post, the idea of taking time to CAN right now is really quite funny. In fact, we don’t even have time to cook.

So, what have we been doing? Thanking our lucky stars that White Bridge Road is convenient —  the selection of foods at moderate price points is a dream come true when life is a whirlwind.  Welcome to our post on White Bridge Road cuisine that spans the globe.

Porta Via Italian Kitchen:  (Elizabeth)  When Porta Via opened their doors, everyone in the western hemisphere of Nashville flocked there. Why? Here in Music City, we adore Italian food and good northern Italian is hard to find. There are some large chains that do a respectable job, but the small quaint eateries are what we crave. So when Stefano Hugh ( the founder) decided to open Porta Via on White Bridge Road, we were there with fork and spoon ready to twirl. Porta Via continues to offer the freshest foods: great salads (Liza is especially fond of their Greek salad), pasta that’s made to order, sumptuous wood-fired pizzas and homemade gelato. On a recent visit, I saw everyone in the ‘hood and some old broadcasting buddies.  The fabulous photos for Porta Via were shot by Peyton Hoge.  Note: Porta Via is opening soon in Cool Springs, so Williamson County, check it out!

Kebab Gyro: (Liza) My entire family loves this place. Located in the same shopping center as Jersey Mikes and J. Alexander’s, it’s the perfect go-to for a quick bite to eat. Dinner time is usually slow here, so it’s easy enough to just stay and eat. The owners are always sweet and put a kid’s show or a football game on the corner TV. The food is delicious. I always get the Greek salad with gyro meat or chicken on top. My kids all get the same thing: a pita sandwich stuffed with gyro meat and a side of rice. My husband sticks to the kebab platter, but he’s thinking about the grilled quail next time. This place is not fancy at all. It’s just fluorescent lighting and vinyl booths which, for my currently exhausted self, is just fine – I just want good food. For more info, click here.

Truth be told, this salad had twice the meat as shown here, but we were ravenous and devoured half before a picture could be taken!

Siam Cuisine : (Elizabeth)  My husband and and I began our love affair with Thai food at Siam Cafe when our daughter, Lucy, was a baby. We would trek over to Nolensville Road as new parents and have a date night. The minute we walked in, the owner would whisk Lucy away, allowing us to enjoy a quiet dinner together. Then Siam Cuisine (the owners are related, but I am not sure how) opened on White Bridge Road, a quick detour for my husband on his way home to grab take-out food. My kids adore Thai food and our standard order is always the same: steamed dumplings, egg rolls, red curry with shrimp, steamed veggies and lots and lots of rice. When I asked the owner for something special to recommend to our readers, he said, ” spicy eggplant veggies.” I concur.

Siam Cuisine continues to satisfy and I always eat the leftovers.

The Wild Hare: (Liza) We devoted an entire post to The Wild Hare this past summer: click here.  My husband and I have had date nights here, gotten take-out and met for lunch. I’ve been with just my kids and with friends. I think my husband has had 4 business meetings here. It’s always packed, and with good reason. The food is fresh and inventive, the service is friendly and the prices are moderate. A favorite for my entire family is the fried catfish. The last catfish that I raved about was from City House. And, now I am raving about it at The Wild Hare. I get it without fries, substituting Brussels sprouts. The salads are all wonderful and the deviled eggs with smoked gouda are to-die-for. For more information, click here.

Deviled Eggs with Smoked Gouda

Stacked Tomato with Mozzarella

Catfish. Not my best picture, but just know that it’s amazing.

Fat Mo’s (Elizabeth) Fat Mo’s continues to please with its premium grade, 100% beef hamburgers, creamy shakes and pretty-darn-hard-to-beat fries. Fat Mo’s seems to be tucked in all the right places around town, so that just as hunger hits hard — well, there’s Fat Mo’s! The Fat Mo’s on White Bridge Road is close to Sprintz furniture and the newly refurbished Nashville Humane Society. It can make for a great afternoon to grab a sack of burgers, hit the picnic table on the north side of Sprintz (I am sure they don’t care) and pop by to visit the cute pooches at the shelter afterwards. That’s just what my crew did this week when we were out of school for parent-teacher conferences, and our meal for four was under $20.

Leigh and Amelia hanging at Sprintz Furniture, enjoying burgers and shakes.

Believe it or not, this is the small burger with lots of fries.

Anatolia: (Liza) My friend Paula first served Anatolia’s Ezme appetizer at a friend’s birthday party. It’s like a Turkish salsa and it’s served with warm pita bread. Add some olives on the side and your at-home appetizer is complete for any gathering. For a main meal (and it’s empty after church… a great time to go), the kebabs and stews are great. The salads are more typical, which is not to say they aren’t good, but if you’re going to eat Turkish, why not order something besides a chicken salad, right? My favorites are the mixed grill platter, the Turkish stew and the shrimp shish kebab.  For more information, click here.

Mixed Grill Platter

Turkish Stew – yum!

Shrimp Kebab Platter (picture from Anatolia’s website)

So, if you are rushed and need a cooking break, don’t head for the drive-thru, embrace world cuisines in your neighborhood. Even if you don’t live close to White Bridge Road, there are locally-owned Italian, American and Persian places throughout Nashville. Check them out. We bet you’ll like them, too!


Perceptive readers, yes this is our second time this week to mention White Bridge Rd.  For those that missed the first mention, our SB Finds list for October is full of our current obsessions including fashion, home decor, gifts, treats and more:  Click here.