Steeplechase: What to Wear?

StyleBlueprint gets flooded with questions every spring about what to wear to Steeplechase. I always say, “Pick a dress that you can sweat in, one you can throw a cotton cardigan over and one that can get caught in the rain. Oh, and make sure the dress isn’t too short. People will talk.” That pretty much defines the perfect Steeplechase dress. Two more things to know? Hats are a must and a wedge works better than a heel.

*Update: after a certain video went viral, ladies, wear your panties okay?!

Here are some great options:

Gus Mayer. Dress: Lela Rose, $1295; Hat: Christine Moore, $370; Bag: Sandra Roberts, $470.

Gus Mayer. Dress: Lela Rose, $1595. Hat: Christina Moore, $698. Bag: Sandra Roberts, $525.

Steeplechase is about fun, community, traditions and charity. As this is Nashville, there is an “appropriate attire.”  But, there is also the ability to have fun and giggle at ourselves collectively. This is when we break out those big hats with birds, flowers and feathers on top, those crazy ties, embroidered peach pants and (sometimes) bright pink rain boots.  The more flamboyant you are, the far more likely you are to have your picture end up in the next year’s Steeplechase LookBook.

Who says you have to buy a designer hat? Check out this homemade beauty! Photo credit: Courtesy Steeplechase LookBook

Photo credit: Courtesy Steeplechase LookBook

George “Bucky” Sallee, the official Steeplechase bugler. Photo credit: Courtesy Steeplechase LookBook

Wow. Gorgeous. Photo credit: Courtesy Steeplechase LookBook

The Steeplechase LookBook is a wonderful publication created and published by Bagwell Macy. It is always filled with fun suggestions for how to “do” Steeplechase – including plenty of pictures from the previous year’s Steeplechase enthusiasts. Revenue from all the ads in this high-gloss magazine benefits the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

The LookBook cover 2010. This year’s cover will be unveiled at the April 14th fashion show.

Amazingly enough, Damon Bagwell spends four and a half months putting the LookBook together, and he doesn’t charge a penny for it. This publication is filled with gorgeous photography by Michael Gomez, who also completely donates his services. And, the paper and printing is at cost.  You like it even more now, don’t you?

Stacey Rhodes Boutique. Dress: Max and Cleo, $158. Hat: Rosebud, $398.

Stacey Rhodes Boutique. Dress: Laundry, $195. Hat: (actually a fascinator) Carol Carr, $459

With Kate Middleton fever running high, these “head band” fascinators are becoming very much embraced by us Southeners…

Macy’s. Dress: Jessica Simpson $98; Hat: Giovannio $100

Macy’s: wedges and platforms: A bit high for me, but these do work well on grass.  From left: BCBG Generation, $110; Inc. $79; Michael Kors $140

Macy’s. Dress: Taylor: $158; Hat: Giovannio $100