A Romantic Wedding in Mexico: Carrie and John Ward

I met Carrie Ward a little over a year ago at The Bar Method when I began taking classes at her studio. I had no idea, though, that in crossing paths with Carrie, I would have the good fortune to write about one of the loveliest weddings ever. #ilovemyjob. It’s possible, in recollecting my own near-fiasco nuptials during the ice storm of ’94 (i.e., no electricity, bride hysteria, utter drama!), that I’ve projected my desire for a do-over onto her recent, glorious wedding weekend in San Miguel de Allende–were I to go back in time and relive my own, Carrie and John’s is exactly what it would be like! 

(Note: photos courtesy of Jorge Tinajero, Mexico-based photographer and Amy Steinfeld, US-based photographer and one of the bride’s best friends.)

Carrie + John. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)

When Carrie moved here from California in 2011 to open the Nashville Bar Method studio, she knew only a few people. Shortly after she arrived, during a night out on the town, she ran into John, a Nashville native and commercial real estate broker. There was an immediate connection. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Exterior shot of one of the amazing haciendas where the wedding party spent three glorious days. (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)

With family and friends on both coasts and in between, planning a wedding would require significant travel for many. Carrie and John wanted their wedding to be an experience for the loved ones who would gather to help them celebrate. Having spent time in Mexico where her mother lives for part of each year, Carrie knew the quaintness of San Miguel de Allende, with its dramatic landscape, 17th century buildings and cobbled streets, would provide the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Because they wanted to ensure that everyone had lots of time to enjoy being together, they rented three adjacent haciendas for all the festivities. There was plenty of room to enjoy meals together, lounge pool-side and relax between parties and the big event. I asked Carrie if it was difficult to have a wedding so far away, and she said, interestingly, that the hardest part was planning transportation from the airport in Leon to the houses. Once everyone had arrived, everything else flowed as easily as the champagne.

A focal point of the estate and a favorite gathering spot over the weekend. (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)


Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, I’d say. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


Isn’t this living area gorgeous? (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)


The grand loggia here provided another lovely perch inside and, as you’ll see below, was ultimately transformed into the rehearsal dinner space. (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)

Here, bride and groom enjoy rehearsal dinner cocktails with the groom’s beloved sister, Mary Wendell. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero) 


The loggia, now a dining room. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


(Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


(Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


Here’s a shot of the bridal suite – and Carrie’s beautiful gown. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


(Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


The ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


Mr. and Mrs. Ward, being serenaded by a local mariachi band after the ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)


(Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)


(Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)

Traditional Mexican weddings always include a parade of the wedding party from the church, along with a burro, purportedly loaded down with tequila for the long walk through town! Here, the newly-minted Wards say hello to theirs. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


Cousin Wyatt hitching a ride to the reception. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


One happy, new, extended family. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


Rooftop, post-wedding. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)

Every bride should be this happy! (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)


(Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


Love the simple arrangement Carrie chose for her bouquet, pictured above, next to the wedding cake. (Photo courtesy of Jorge Tinajero)


The day after the wedding, the town was celebrating their version of Independence Day. Carrie said it was fun pretending the parades and fireworks were in honor of them. (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)


A fireworks display intended for the Mexican national holiday, but perfect icing on the wedding cake for the happy couple. (Photo courtesy of Amy Steinfeld)