Recycled Jewelry

I love making something new from an object that otherwise would get no use. When it comes to the following artists who create entire jewelry lines based on this premise, the results are as inspiring as they are beautiful, fun and, often, ingenious. During this time when green goods are flourishing, consider recycled jewelry.

Rustic Attitude: flatware redefined
Here is a new take on flatware found at Vignette in Brentwood: recycled spoons made into jewelry. You have to admit that these fun necklaces would partner nicely with casual outfits on carefree days.

Recycled spoons embellished with symbols of love or spirituality. $58

A close up

Beth McDaniel

East Nashville designer, Beth McDaniel, finds inspiration in all kinds of things from a by-gone age.  When I asked her how she got started, her story was too cool not to include it today: “I started using reclaimed materials when my dear Aunt Eula passed away and left me the contents of her home. She loved to entertain and had lots of silver-plated platters and trays. I love to entertain too, but handmade pottery is my serving piece of choice, so I decided to experiment with using Aunt Eula’s trays to make jewelry. I loved the “Flintstone-ish” look I achieved, so I started going through everyone’s junk drawers and tool sheds in search of treasures. I love using materials in an unexpected way. Uncle Paul’s (Aunt Eula’s husband) tools have proven to be an especially popular source for reclaimed materials. Now all my friends and family send me items they don’t want to throw away, but don’t know what to do with, and I happily cut them up and turn them into new treasures. People tell me my studio looks like a cross between a mad scientist and Rosie the Riveter!” Find her jewelry at Caldwell Collection:

$170, these bracelets sell quickly at Caldwell Collection. Made from recycled old rulers.

Each Beth McDaniel design has a tag attached about where the piece originated. Example: “Made from Calvin’s Altoids Tin and Joann’s broken silver-plated teapot.”

To make the shopping experience green-to-the-max, upon purchase, Beth’s jewelry is packaged into a handmade jewelry box, fashioned from recycled cereal and cracker boxes:

Jewelry boxes for earrings fashioned from recycled dry-goods boxes, by Beth McDaniel


Allison Craft Designs

Lastly, Ibiza gifts, located in Belle Meade’s Stanford Square across from St. Thomas Hospital, has a wonderful collection of housewares, gifts and jewelry. My favorite jewelry line in the store is Allison Craft Designs, made from leather and pearls. Plus, I love that Allison hand drills every pearl in-between chasing down her kids at her beach side home.

Leather, pearls and recycled glass

Love this big chunk of recycled glass. Gorgeous.


Isn’t it fun to see what creative women are doing?  We think so.


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