Pretty Little Nurseries!

As trends go today, nurseries seem to be an extension of the rest of the home. Antiques, pretty colors and chandeliers typically reserved for grown-up spaces are all now quite normal features in little baby’s room. Gone, for the most part, are nurseries adorned with themed murals and décor that look like they came straight out of a Baby Einstein video (which is what my nursery looked like, along with many of my friends’). New moms spend a LOT of time in their nurseries, so it makes perfect sense for this space to be calm and pretty for the parents, as well as for the baby. And with some luck, these modern nurseries may actually grow with the child a bit more than those of the past.

Today, we visit four nurseries. The first belongs to Elizabeth Thuy La, the daughter of Kendra, the co-owner of The Plaid Rabbit, a baby and child’s furniture and clothing store, located in Brentwood and Green Hills. The other three represent customers who all leaned heavily on The Plaid Rabbit for advice, furniture, fixtures and accessories.


Elizabeth’s room:


With sophisticated colors like pink, gray and brown and fresh flowers, this nursery proves the calm oasis that is the trend.



Another view of Elizabeth’s nursery. Check out the crib, as it is featured throughout this post!


Mattie Ann’s room:

This room is a blush pink with metallic furniture. Monograms and vintage photographs bridge several generations within this one room and show the support network for this little one, and for her mom!




Photographs spanning 4 generations of women line the wall behind Mattie Ann’s crib. The frames are by Delta Girl Frames, the owner of which has been a StyleBlueprint FACE!



Three of the four nurseries I visited had fresh flowers. Yes, they knew I was coming, but it also shows that the room truly is a part of the house. I NEVER would have thought to put fresh flowers in my nursery!



The metallic dresser matches the crib, and more photos can be seen in the background.



Cream walls, a pink ceiling, sophisticated fabric and a pretty chandelier showcase today’s nursery trend.



Another view of the crib.

Vita’s room:

I was able to see one other sweet baby girl’s nursery–this one (pictured below) within a historic Nashville house. With high ceilings and hardwood floors, the sophistication of the room seemed completely in keeping with the house. Welcome to baby Vita’s room:


Again, blush pink and cream create a calm and peaceful oasis.


Pretty lighting is a natural choice for nurseries today.


Fresh yellow tulips and a painted dresser make a nice vignette.


Old fashioned blocks and silver accessories are used to decorate the room.


This looks like an antique dresser, but it’s actually a reproduction found at The Plaid Rabbit!


Vita was all dressed up, and I couldn’t help but snap a quick photo! Isn’t she adorable?


Dreamy, isn’t it?

Holden’s room:

This baby boy’s nursery (pictured below) is also calm and pretty. What’s appealing to me about this room, like the girls’ rooms above, is that the colors are slightly muted, rather than being the expected pastel pinks and blues we associate with “baby” colors. I think these colors allow these rooms to read with a touch more sophistication than what I recall from my own baby days.

Each nursery I visited was filled with family photos. I really love that. They aren’t just for everyone else; they are for their children to grow up surrounded by, as well.


This pretty blue was not pastel, but more of a gray/blue and the wall were striped with different sheens of the same color.


This antique dresser was found by the baby’s grandmother and used in conjunction with purchases from The Plaid Rabbit.


This is the same crib used in Vita’s nursery, but this time decidedly “boy”!


A large photo of the sweet (insert name) is a focal point when you walk in.



A closer look at the crib and the bedding.



Notice how the trim of the chair and ottoman bring in the same color as the bedding and wall color. The pillow is the exact same fabric as the bumper.

One other thing I noted? Not a single traditional rocking chair among these rooms! It’s all about cozy and comfortable, texture and softness, peacefulness and a place to breath deeply. Yes, these rooms are now an oasis in the sea of craziness that is parenthood!

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