Gilchrist & Gilchrist: Berry Hill’s Gem of a Shop

Norman the store manager

Norman, the store manager

Gilchrist & Gilchrist sounds important:  a law office perhaps, a name you may find tucked away on a street corner in London or maybe even in the quaint town of  Bath, England.  In Nashville, the name belongs to a darling shop located in an equally charming cottage in Berry Hill.   Once you step inside, I think you’ll be glad you made the trek.

You will probably read more about this in future posts, but my house is on the Home Tour in the Whitland neighborhood.  Help! Gulp!  For me, with three small daughters, the word “home tour” makes me break out in hives.  Speaking of the word break, once you sign on the dotted line to show your home, everything in your house begins to BREAK.  It’s as if the VOODOO doll was dropped on your doorstep to invite in evil spirits.

With the Home Tour in mind, I dropped by Gilchrist & Gilchrist to look for some pillow shams to match my comforter, which I freely admit is gorgeous.  I still had some birthday money yet to spend and I really want pillows shams so my bed will look OH SO COMPLETE for the HOME TOUR.  Money spent.

wonderful frames in all sizes

wonderful frames in all sizes

unique gift items are everwhere

unique gift items are everywhere

Genia Gilchrist has a eye for all things white & whimsical

Genia Gilchrist has a eye for all things white & whimsical

Whimsical lamp shades and more

How fun is this lamp shade?

Gilchrist & Gilchrist carries several lines of lovely linens; all can be custom ordered in any shade you can imagine.  I ordered a gorgeous soft, muted pale blue linen sham with a euro sham in  cream which I plan to embroider with my initials ( just in case a thief breaks in and tries  to steal it.)  Some of the brands Gilchrist & Gilchrist  carry are Pine Cone Hill, Bella Notte, Papillion and Pom-Pom. All are simply wonderful.

Probably what I love most about the shop is the sense of rhythm and pace you feel once you walk in the door.   Genia Gilchrist  has a refined eye for all things white, especially her white furniture and accessories.  Even more welcoming is her refined eyes FOR ALL THINGS WHIMSICAL.

My personal favorite is her new lamp shades by Cake Rocket a fantastic artist from Texas.   They also sell organic cleaning products from Maison Belle that are so safe for the environment that you can drink them. Maybe you want to hold off on that taste test, but I think you get the idea.

Maison Belle Products are environmentally safe

Maison Belle Products are environmentally safe

Best of all, Norman (see picture above) almost always  greats you at the door, eager to provide for your every need. A couple of dog biscuits and a belly scratch may get you the sister-in-law deal!

Gilchrist & Gilchrist
2823 Bransford Avenue
Nashville, TN  37204