Is nail art mainstream?

I first noticed the half moon polish on Jessica Biel when she graced the cover of Glamour in July 2010.  Her nails were so pretty.  They had that reverse french manicure look that, in her color combination, had me contemplating this style at my next manicure.

I know it’s hard to see, but her nails are gorgeous in a subtle way.

Then, I noticed this half moon look as well:

At the Vena Cava spring 2011 runway show. I actually kinda don’t hate this.

And I saw this fun nail art:

At the Prabal Gurung spring 2011 show.

Who can forget Lindsey Lohan’s nail art with a message in court last year?

Klassy. Yes, with a K.

But that made me think “Hmmm, tie dye nails.”

I think this would look better on shorter nails, but it’s quite a Pucci effect.  But, still not for me….

Photo from site:

Which led me to Minx nails, now available at StyleBlueprint favorite: Woo.  Yes, at Woo.

Tie Dye Minx nails.

I gotta say, I might not sport these, but my two daughters would LOVE them.  Minx has so many patterns to choose from.  Each one is lifted onto the nail and then set.

Photo from:

Now, this silver (and the equally amazing gold) is something I would totally do.

When Woo Caroland, the owner of Woo, was at the Parisian boutique Colette this past November, she saw them applying Minx nails right there at the beauty bar in the store.  And if it’s good enough for Colette in Paris, I guess it’s good enough for Nashville!

More Minx, on nails that are entirely too long…. so imagine them shorter, and then they are cuter:

So if you want to try something fun which lasts for a good 10-14 days on your nails, head on over to Woo and have Lori Boysen, nail specialist (seriously, she’s mentioned in national magazines for doing the cover gals’ nails), apply some Minx to your fun look….  #615-383-2170  You don’t have to go all out, maybe just one nail….

So what do you think?  Just an under 20 thing, or would you wear this trend?  Would your daughters?  I know mine were more interested in this post than ANY I have ever written!