Lululemon Recalled??? We’ve Got Your Bottom Covered!

Did you hear that gasp last week? You may have mistaken it for a weather pressure change or a clap of thunder in the distance. But, no, it was from all the women who were at once paralyzed with the inability to change direction in their yoga pant needs wants. This recall happened during my Spring Break, when I just so happened to be annoyed enough with my latest fitness bottoms purchase–a black pair of Nike Slim Fit Cotton Capri pants–that I seriously considered leaving them behind in the hotel room so I wouldn’t be reminded of the money wasted. That is one thing Lululemon guarantees: You may have to fork over some serious cash for their pants (around $100) but they offer a generous return policy, free hemming and you never contemplate leaving them behind–in fact you shed a tear when you do so.

Yes, due to some apparently flimsy fabric masquerading as Lululemon’s famous Luon fabric, they’ve had to recall a lot of pants. Too many ladies were mooning each other during their Down Dogs in yoga class… Let’s hope they were all wearing SOMETHING under those pants to class!


This is my reenactment of women in gyms across the country checking to see if their Lulu’s are covering properly… Thank goodness my own were from an older batch and are covering just fine, thank you very much.

So if you are like me, and needing to replace a poor purchase now that the Groove and Wunder Under are no longer available for the near future, where do you turn? We’ve asked some experts and we have the goods. Here is your ultimate go-to guide for yoga pants during the Crisis of 2013: The Groove Pant–Wunder Under Shortage. No worries, your thighs don’t have to suffer.


Pick: Under Armour Perfect Pant

Kara Mohr: Owner, Mohr Results in Louisville, KY: If the name doesn’t say enough, the pants come in a short size, so no dragging or hemming which I love. They are super flattering, ridiculously comfortable, and look good for running around and outside of just working out. If I let myself, I could wear these everyday!

 Where to buy: Local sporting goods stores and Under Amour stores. (This pant retails for about $60.)


Pick: Karma Wear pants

Stephanie Bristow: Owner, B. Barre Fitness: My favorite pants by far are Karma. They are made of strong, breathable and supportive material that lasts a long time. If I pay a pretty penny for clothes, I want them to last through countless workouts and countless laundry loads! Karma provides us with great strong fabric, it hides all of our problem areas and gives us confidence in tights! I bend, stretch and sweat, and these brands stay strong through it all and provide me with a stylish cut always leaving me feeling beautiful, even if I am doing a mountain climber with mascara is running down my face!

Kady Decker, owner Pure Barre Nashville and Atlanta: These are my new favorite tights. The fabric is very compressive on the thighs and waist so it holds everything in for a smooth look. They have a seam that goes down the middle of the leg and one that sits low on the hips – small detailing but it creates a very flattering look. Perfect for barre, yoga, pilates.
Pure Barre Birmingham: The Pure Barre Birmingham Team loves Karma pants for their strength, beauty, functionality and femininity. They can be worn for anything that the busy woman of Birmingham does – from working out, to running errands, and everything in between.
Where to buy: Karma Wear is available at all Pure Barre studios in the SB sister cities of Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, Birmingham and Atlanta, as well as B Barre Fitness in Louisville, Bar Method Atlanta, Villager Yoga in Birmingham and Push Pilates in Memphis. These studios are all boutiques as well! (Pants range from $85 – $105.)

Karma tights


Pick: La La Land Pant

Betsy Jones Cooper: Owner Hot Yoga of Louisville: My favorite pants are Lalaland Yoga Pants. Comfortable, and perfect for hot yoga because they are made of a swimsuit-like material. They have a flattering cut, and hide the dreaded “muffin top” area that all women are trying to hide.

Where to buy: Hot Yoga of Louisville. Contact Lalaland for other retail locations: Sorry, they don’t have retail locations listed on their website! (Pants retail for $60.)


La La Land Super Lite Capris, $60.

La La Land Super Lite Capris, $60.

Pick: Splits59 Raquel Flared Leg Tight. 

Kady Decker, Pure Barre Nashville and Atlanta: These are my go-to pants. I love them because they have the flattering benefit of a flared leg but also the long slimming look of a tight. Very functional and flattering.
Where to buy: Splits59 is available at all Pure Barre locations in Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Louisville and Birmingham as well as at Deka in Atlanta. (Pants priced at $98.)


Pick: Hard Tail Yoga Pant

Hot Yoga Plus Nashville and Memphis: The Hard Tail yoga pant is the answer for the person who loves Wunder Under crops. The supplex fabric is thick, wears well, ages well and the style is flattering on everyone.

Where to buy: Hot Yoga Plus Nashville and Memphis locations and there are a few available at Boutique Bella in Nashville. (Pants are $79.)

Hard Tail stock look-book

Hard Tail Yoga Pant, $79

Pick: Ahimsa Crop Pant

Hot Yoga Plus Nashville and Memphis: The Ahimsa crop pant. The supplex is thick and moisture-wicking, and the bright fashion colors carry you from studio to sidewalk shopping and everything in between. There’s even a leg warmer to go over these crops which enables you to have that flared look that is so flattering. Mix-and-match color with these two styles and people will stop to ask you where you got your ensemble….I promise!

Where to buy: Hot Yoga Plus locations in Nashville and Memphis as well as in Atlanta at Stellar Bodies and Natural Body Spa. (Pants retail for $78.)

ahmisa Crop

Ahmisa Crop, $78


ahmisa leg warmer

Ahmisa Leg Warmer

Oh wait… This just in: Apparently customers were complaining that in order to get their refund, they were required to don their pants, bend over and prove the unacceptable level of sheerness. But, this is all rubbish according to Sari Martin, vice president of communications firm ICR, who spoke on behalf of Lululemon: ‘We do not require guests to demonstrate the sheerness of their bottoms.” I’m glad I read the UK’s Mail Online to know that such behavior is not being required!

So, stopping crying. There is life beyond Lululemon. And you know they’ll get this whole mess figured out anyway. Chin up, and have a great weekend!