Why I need (ok, WANT) a Katie Kalsi handbag.

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If you didn’t know this fact, it’s time you learned it: A great handbag can make your outfit. It’s true. My basic summer uniform consists of twill walking shorts, a J Crew tee, some not-very-shiny metallic sandals and my fabulous bag that I splurged on this past Spring.  It has hints of metallic as well.  I’ve had people stopping me everywhere to comment on my bag.  The bag made my whole summer uniform look polished, put together, and just plain far nicer than it actually was.  With fall approaching, I’ve looked at the bag that I’ve carried around for the past couple years: a perfectly colored yellow leather Boden Bag, which I like, but is starting to look a little tired.  I want to update my go-to fall bag and go for something that stands out a bit more.  Something that I really couldn’t wear to work if I were say…an attorney (I know all you attorney’s just laughed).  I’ve mentioned before that I’m a neutral dresser.  I think it’s time to kick it up a notch in the bag arena.  Luckily for me, and for all of Nashville really, Katie Kalsi will be in town this Thursday night – August 19th, from 5-8 PM at Mary Wilson’s house, 709 Lynnwood Ave, 37205, – with her newest line of handbags.

Katie Kalsi handbags Fall 2010

Who is Katie Kalsi? Well, she’s a TN gal, from Memphis, who got into the handbag business 6 years ago when she made 24 handbags with her artistic background.  She gave 23 of them out to friends and family with which to walk around Memphis and kept one for herself.  And yes, the orders started pouring in.

The Katie Kalsi brand is now one of the newest and most buzzed about brands in the handbag world, with a price range of $100 – $600.  With rich buffalo hide leather, real python, solid dome silver rivets and hand painted “guitar strap” bags, there is plenty to fall in love with in her fall 2010 collection.  So, how buzzed about is she?  Well, Lisa Marie (yes, as in Presley) calls her the “Guitar Strap Girl”, based on her interchangeable strap bags, seen below.  Lisa Marie wore through her first, and is onto her second.

The strap on these bags are interchangeable. This is the type that Lisa Marie refers to as the Guitar Strap Purse. The straps on these bags are hand painted.

Other celebs have sent her thank you’s on how much they love their bags including my Nashville favorite Faith Hill.  And, I love this picture of Pat Benatar with her Katie Kalsi bag:

Pat Benatar with her own Katie Kalsi bag.  That’s Katie herself right next to Pat.

“Katie Kalsi Handbags are timeless, but intoxicatingly edgy.  She uses iconic shapes with a touch of sass and funk.  For the conservative woman, it gives her a chance to let her hair down just a bit, without being too extreme.  For the fashionista, Katie’s bags give her a more classic choice of style, but still keep that fun and sass ever-present.”

The stitching and handwork on these bags is incredible.

I love the rocker vibe of this bag.

You will see Katie’s handbags on episodes of Glee and Cougar Town this season and her bags were chosen as swag for the MTV awards as well as for the 2011 Golden Globe awards.  This TN native, a total go-getter at heart, has just gone international with her line.  Much of the line is made in El Paso as she has partnered with the same guy who Kate Spade partnered with when launching her line of handbags. This ensures high quality, made-in-the-USA pride.  A Katie Kalsi bag is a fun, stand-out, well made bag that WILL have people stopping you and asking you where you got it.

OK- This one would actually work for an edgy bag that could span both the weekend and work (even it you are an attorney!)

I hope you are impressed, as when I talk to Katie, with her three kids sometimes screaming in the background (mimicking my three kids sometimes screaming next to my ear), I just can’t help but love this girl.  She truly is that person who had a dream and through hard work, and good design, has made it happen. I’m so excited to go get a bag on Thursday night.  This trunk show is at Mary Wilson’s house at 709 Lynnwood Blvd, Nashville, 37205 from 5-8 PM.  If you don’t know Mary, don’t let the Belle Meade address intimidate you.  Mary is the funniest, happiest, most friendly person I know.  If you don’t end up with a bag, you’ll end up with a new friend for sure.

Bags Thursday night will be both Cash N Carry, with credit cards accepted, as well as custom order.  If you want Python straps and an added peace sign, by all means, Katie will make it for you!  To see a sneak peak at the fall line, see the Katie Kalsi facebook page.

And, if you are lucky enough to already have a Katie Kalsi bag (they are not sold in Nashville presently) comment and tell us how much you like it!

  • Katie Kalsi Trunk Show
  • Thursday Night, August 19th 5-8PM (feel free to show up right at 8 PM, it’s fine)
  • 709 Lynnwood Blvd, 37205

When you are all done shopping, join me at ChaChas for the Soles4Souls benefit dinner.  See THIS WEEK for details.