Fashion’s Top Trends: Fall 2013

In mid-September all of the StyleBlueprint editors gathered from each market for a SB Summit in Nashville. We kicked it off with a two hour presentation by Nordstrom on the top trends in apparel and beauty for fall 2013. Today, I’m here to report on all that we learned.

We started out with fashion trends with the help of Michelle Tinsley, Personal Stylist Manager, and Susan Davis, Stylist.

*Note: We had no outside light and I only had my iPhone. Soooo, please excuse the grainy nature of these photos. I started out using Nordstrom’s product shots, but in the end, these behind-the-scenes photos do such a better job telling the story!

Also, prices are not specifically noted for each item, but range from under $100 to over $3,000. It’s Nordstrom, and this is one thing they do so well: provide a variety of price points across a large inventory and sharp associates who are glad to help you find items based on your budget. (If an item is not hyperlinked, this means it is not available online, but is at individual Nordstrom stores.)


Women’s Apparel and Accessories:

The IT color combo: Navy and Black

Navy and black are back. Like many trends, it’s the second season that proves to be the big year, so embrace this combo with gusto for fall 2013! And, don’t worry, navy and black have been around for decades and won’t go out of style. I remember riding in my friend’s car on the way to 9th grade with her mom telling us about HER mom who had loved black and navy together since she had been a teen (fashionable grandma!). So, no worries. This combo, though hot this season, is always fashionable.

StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013

Here Michelle holds up these Vince pieces while Susan explains some other ideas on how to wear them. Vince knit & leather top and leather skirt. Tasha metallic statement necklace.


StyleBlueprint Fall Trends Blue and Black

L’Agence top and Balenciaga leather leggings

Biker Chic

This look is more mainstream this year, but a moto jacket is always on trend. The secret to this look is to wear the boots or the jacket or the skirt or the tee, but pair with simpler items so you look more street chic than, “Oh, she just got off her Harley.” Leather is a HUGE HUGE HUGE trend and it crossed over into all our trends mentioned here.

StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 4

You can kinda see cute Michelle here. We all wanted to chop our hair off after spending a couple hours with her. Oh, and the jacket of course: it’s a Balenciaga leather jacket.

StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 2

Haute Hippie. It’s not leather, it’s organza, so it gives the tough vibe in a more refined way.


Menswear for Her

The fuller pant, longer blazer, shoulder pads and oxfords for her have been lining up as a fashion trend and the look is BIG right now. Think tuxedo for her. To preserve your femininity, show off your waist and don’t wear menswear from head to toe. Also, red lipstick helps.


Lady Luxe

The perfect counterpart to the “menswear for her” and biker chic, this look is strong this year. I mean, add a super lady-like shoe to a menswear pant for her, and we may swoon. Add a moto jacket to a 50’s style fitted and flare dress? You go girl. You get the picture: create some friction in your outfit to create interest.

StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 9

This Lanvin dress simply defines Lady Luxe.


StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 10

Gucci lacquered lace dress and St. John embellished dress.



The Top Handle Bag

The IT bag this year is this Givenchy one. (And, as an aside, this brand is pronounced “Gee Vaughn She.” Just in case you were curious.) The medium sized bag is just about $2,500, but for most of us, it’s about shape and attitude, so take note of the size and style. I will be coveting the pony hair one (which you’ll see below – keep reading) myself:

StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 19

Givenchy’s “it” bag: the Antigona



StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 32

A recap of the two Givenchy bags (including the pony hair one I loved!) the Saint Laurent, and the animal print + bamboo top handle bag from Gucci. (Givenchy and Gucci are not hyperlinked as they are not for sale online at Nordstrom, but carried by some individual stores.)


The Pointy, Single-Soled Shoe

We’re talking pointy, but not witch pointy, okay? And anyone who says, “My feet don’t point; those shoes don’t work for me,” has not tried on the right shoe — I’m convinced! No one’s feet point, which is why the “point” extends beyond your foot. A pointed shoe will elongate your leg and narrow your foot. It’s flattering and it’s back. So, lots of options to go try on!

What does single soled mean? Aside from the lack of a platform sole, it means that now there are more varieties and options in heel height. Why? Without a platform, it’s harder to wear a 4-5 inch heel; non-platformed (aka single soled) shoes are more comfortable with 2-3 inch heels.

StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 6

Luxe Punk, Lady Luxe, Biker Chic, Pointy Toe, Single Sole … What trend does this one pair of shoes not touch?! It’s the mid-heeled version of the uber-popular Valentino shoe, which EVERY fashion blogger seems to be wearing, might I add. I’m speculating here, but I think this shoe will define the fashion moment we are now having for decades to come.


Nordstrom Valentino flat

Valentino repeated this idea in a flat, as well. Photo: Nordstrom 



Melissa Evans, beauty stylist at Nordstrom, let us in on these makeup trends:

The Red Lip

In keeping with that whole lady luxe thing we were talking about earlier, red lips are in. This look works with all trends but can be intimidating for some. Try a lip tint, as it’s a softer look and will let you “build” the color. Plus, it’s easy to add some gloss, too, for a different look.

Nordstrom YSL lip stain

This was the favorite stain shared: YSL Lip Stain. $34. It’s also the winner of Allure magazine’s Best of Beauty award for Best Lip Stain, 2012.

Pumpkin Shadows & Green and Blue

Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cookies. So, why not pumpkin shadows? The orange color is oddly flattering when you find the right shade. (In order to find the right color, ask a professional. Really.)

Green and blue for shadows, mascara, and liners are all strong trends. Colored makeup around the eye is becoming more mainstream–it’s a nod to the 80’s with a more modern appeal. It’s not your mama’s frosted blue eyeshadow that Oprah banned for all women 20 years ago. These are pretty. But, I would still stick to neutrals if you are over 30. (Maybe a navy or dark green, but no cobalt blue eyeliner for you, okay?)

StyleBlueprint Nordstrom Fall Trends 2013 20

Chanel “Mysterious” nail color; Jason Wu for Lancome eye shadows and eyeliner.



Hope you enjoyed our CliffsNotes version of fall fashion! Remember, Nordstrom has free stylists on hand to help you with your closet and your beauty needs. The perks are really amazing. To find out about Nordstrom’s stylists and beauty advisers, see: or in Nashville, you can always email Michelle Tinsley and she’ll set you up with a stylist: [email protected]