Fall Fashion for Tweens

It’s hard to be a tween and even harder to be a mom of a tween.  We all remember when we were 9. My clothing options came in the form of a Montgomery Ward catalog and a trip to J.C. Penny.  Then, I turned 11, enrolled in private school and suddenly, even my brand of underwear mattered (bloomies by Bloomingdales were the undies of choice) and the store to shop at was Benetton.  By age 13, The Limited was high on the list of places to shop. All this to say, the awareness of style and the options and choices have changed dramatically.

There is one common denominator, though, that seems to apply to all ages. For 9 year olds, 20 year olds and every age in between, given the choice, they’d all dress in Nike running shorts, a tee shirt, and UGGS (or, perhaps a pair of flip flops when it’s really hot).

A special thanks to Ashley Hylbert Photography for the great pictures today!

Is this how your daughter dresses? Ours too!

Knowing this, I simply don’t buy as much as I once did for my now tween girls.  But, since I know I don’t need much else, I do like to buy some quality, cute things for the occasions when something besides a uniform or said running shorts are needed.  We gathered some girls – the daughters of everyone involved at StyleBlueprint – and pulled together some mom and tween approved outfits. Notice, not a single sparkly peace sign (with the exception of accessories!) among the selections.

Clothes are from:

  • Snap Kids – located in Nashville, Birmingham and Seaside.
  • Blush – locations in Nashville and Louisville.  This store caters to an older crowd than this photo shoot, but when you have girls over 5’2″ tall, it’s worth a look, as cute things for all ages can truly be found here.
  • crewcuts by J. Crew
  • Boden
  • LittleMissMatched
  • Shoes:  UGGS, Toms (purchased at Stacey Rhodes Boutique) and ballet flats from Lands End.
  • Removable feathers – which the girls drooled all over with love- are handmade and sold (starting at $25) at Salon N Fuse on Franklin Road
  • Special thanks to The Cosmetic Market for help with makeup and to Snap Kids for help styling our tweens.

Maddie and Mary Blake both rock the same lace skirt (from Blush, $38) with different tops: red chambray is CREWCUTS ($68). Kiddo pink striped sweater ($38), available at Snap Kids. UGG boots. Cowboy boots from Zappos Outlet in Louisville ($15!) Bracelets by Chewbands ($14) Necklace ($38) at Snap Kids.

Leigh and Jordyn show the casual and the dressy. Leigh looks fall-appropriate in her plaid shirt by Scotch Shrunk ($68), navy leggings by LA Made ($26) and redHunter boots ($78) – all available at Snap Kids. Jordyn, at 13, brings out her teenage self in this comfy dress – for under $40 – from Blush. Rope bracelets from LittleMissMatched.

Mary Blake and Jordyn show up again with Camryn and Kathleen’s casual fun outfits. Camryn’s pink striped tunic is by Tru Love ($48), leggings by Splendid ($38) and socks by LittleMissMatched. Kathleen’s purple top is Sally Miller Couture ($42) and black pants are Tractor ($48).  Tops and bottoms on both are available at Snap Kids. Tom’s shoes are all the rage (tan on Kathleen).

Reese shows off her sass with an all Snap Kids outfit: poofy skirt (all the girls loved this skirt) by Nancy Gent ($78), top by Scotch Shrunk ($58), necklace is Chewbands ($38), Hunter Boots ($78) and headband Peche ($15).

Kathleen’s brown striped dress ($39) and socks are from LittleMissMatched. Reese’s Splendid purple top ($58) is from Snap. Camryn’s owl top ($28) and skirt ($36) are Boden. And, Leigh’s LA Made top is from Snap ($42), chambray skirt is from CREWCUTS ($49.50), and faux fur vest ($39) is from LittleMissMatched. Shoes are TOMS, Converse, UGGS, and Lands End.

Maddie is wearing a dress and leg warmers by LittleMissMatched ($39 and $24)and peace bag from Snap ($32). Jordyn is wearing a LittleMissMatched outfit ($39 hooded sweater and $29 skirt). And, Mary Blake has on that well-loved skirt from Nancy Gent at Snap ($78), LittleMissMatched reversible sweater ($29), Hunter Boots ($78) and Splendid Leggings ($38).

All of our girls looking so fine – no plastic shorts or tees required!


Again, a big thanks to The Cosmetic Market for makeup, Salon N Fuse for the groovy, clip-on feathers and Snap Kids for the changing room and styling advice.