FACES of Nashville: Rose Mary Gorman

Rose Mary Gorman is a busy, self-employed PR consultant who exudes a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her California, laid back style appear effortless. Rose Mary balances her PR job with her 8- and 10-year old children and her husband of 17 years, Steve Gorman, founding member and drummer of the The Black Crowes.

When and why did you move to Nashville?

Nashville has always been on my radar. While growing up in Birmingham, one of my older sisters lived here, so I was a regular visitor and had many great memories of it. My husband and I lived in Atlanta, NYC and LA, and once we had our 2 kids, we realized we wanted to settle our family in the South. Nashville was the ideal spot, so we moved here in 2004.

How do LA and Nashville differ, both in terms of the focus on entertainment and as a community?

LA and Nashville are both known for their entertainment industries, so it’s common in both places to meet people who are working as musicians, actors, producers… I think people have a notion that because LA is such a big city, the idea of ‘community’ isn’t possible. We were fortunate to live in an incredible neighborhood that truly felt like a small town – we knew our neighbors, had block parties, and had a weekly farmer’s market with pony rides! Of course, year-round sunshine is pretty sweet, too.

What is the greatest piece of advice you have been given?

Use sunscreen.

In this age of Facebook and Twitter, and given your expertise as public relations professional, what PR Do’s and Don’ts should our readers remember as they manage their own social media networks?

Respect yourself and your social media pals: too much personal information repels. Identify what makes you unique and embrace it. Don’t ignore the basics: never forward personal texts or emails (my pet peeve) and the Reply All button can be the kiss of death.

Best thing you have learned from your clients?

Happily, I’ve learned that creativity is contagious. I’m surrounded by passionate people who are truly energized by their work or craft. It’s a constant source of inspiration for me.

Do you have any irrational fears?

Ha! Where do I start? I’ll keep it simple – heights are no fun for me.

Favorite thing to cook?

Whatever my kids are hooked on – right now, it’s pasta with meat sauce. Easy.

What books can be found on your bedside table?

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon, Keith Richards’ autobiography, Life, and Paris: Made by Hand, by Pia Jane Bijkerk, which details unique artisan boutiques throughout Paris.

Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?

We might go out to dinner with friends or check out a band, but normally we stay in on Saturday night.

Favorite hangout in Nashville?

Radnor Lake

Event most looking forward to attending this summer?

The Belcourt Theatre’s nD Festival Launch Party at the new Antique Archaeology store (owned by Mike Wolfe, star of the History Channel’s American Pickers) June 24 – it’s the perfect convergence of so much that I love – film, fashion, music – in a completely unique setting. Can’t wait!

What is your “must-have” purchase for summer 2011?

I’m lovin’ snakeskin these days. Just bought a vintage patchwork snakeskin clutch from Etsy – it’s my new favorite thing. And, I have my eye on a new Judith Bright ring with a pyrite gem – gorgeous for summer.

Favorite vacation spot?

It’s a split: St. John, USVI and Big Sur, CA

Do you have a playlist for a dinner party or a great workout that you can share with our readers?

I never have time to make playlists–I wish I did. Music you might hear at our house includes Wilco, Fleet Foxes, Bob Marley, The Band and North Mississippi All Stars.

Name three things you can’t live without (excluding friends, family and God).

My iPhone, Tocca hand cream and visiting new places.

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