Detox (7 Pounds Lost) & The Battle Against Cellulite is on….

David Kirsch Thermo Bubbles

5 day Detox Kit

Here is the promised follow up post to the Detox I first mentioned a few weeks ago.  To recap, I challenged myself with the David Kirsch 5 day Detox available at Maxwell Aesthetics.  I really enjoyed this detox and I’m happy to share my successful results.  My thought is to do this detox twice a year.  If cutting back on the fatty foods is hard for you, this detox and can help break that addiction. (Yes, studies show that high-fat, high-calorie foods affect the brain in much the same way as cocaine and heroin.” click here to read more.)

I really loved the David Kirsch Thermo bubbles that gave me sustained energy while on this plan.  If this Detox intrigues you, Maxwell Aesthetics is having a “Resort Ready” event this Thursday April 1 from 9AM to 6PM at 2020 21st Avenue – next to Tayst. (more details about this at the end of the post)

This is where I started on day one:

Well, the embarrassing part is showing you my before and after weights as so many of you are these little 120 pound things. But, all 5’11” of me does not put me in the little category.

For Day One, I joined my family out for dinner, only to order WATER with lemon.  Here is what I had to endure and smell.  And I resisted.  Anyone can have will power for 5 days:

Nothing like the temptations of Mexican Food when you are sipping on water.

This smelled so good. I must have masochistic tendencies for agreeing to sit through this dinner.

For 5 days, this detox consists of a concentrated grape juice 2 oz shot each morning and some Probiotics each day.  You also have 1-2 protein shakes and a large green salad with 4 oz. of protein.  If you want two salads, it’s just one protein shake for you.  You can’t have dressing, but you can squeeze a bunch of lemon juice on top. You can also have some Thermo Bubbles (the David Kirsch energy drink- on one day that I was particularly dragging and hungry I had three.  I love these drinks- but don’t have them past mid-afternoon or you may be kept awake at bedtime).  A David Kirsch Vitamin Drink is allowed as well.

On two of the days, I just cooked a bag of broccoli and added my tuna or chicken to it.  The other three days I made a HUGE salad – of which I ate every single bite!  I did cheat a little …to my salads I added half an avocado and some chopped shallots to the Boston Bibb lettuce, tuna, and celery.  I also splashed a little Apple Cider Vinegar (the high sediment variety) and some Cholula hot sauce (speaking of addictions, I’m addicted to this hot sauce).

Sorry for all the iphone pics. My camera was on the fritz all that week.

Other ways I cheated:  I did have an extra hard boiled egg on two days, and the day before my period, I had 2 extra hard boiled eggs as I was dragging.  If I had not cheated AT ALL I’m sure I could have lost a little more, but I was happy with good energy throughout, so I think you do need to listen to your body a bit.  But, absolutely no cheating with dairy, wheat, or sugar.  Cheating with protein and vegetables is not allowed, but like me, if you have to, this is where you default: green vegetables and protein.

Here are my results after 5 days.

Really 146 pounds.  Subtract a half pound as the first picture was taken by my husband and I had to take the last picture, holding the camera (iphone)!  It made the scale bump up.

I left the next day for Chicago and my first meal post-detox was at Michelle and Barack’s favorite place for a dinner date: Rick Bayless’s Topolobampo.  We ate lunch there and I sucked down two bloody Mary’s in about 10 minutes.  My husband was shocked as I’m not usually like this.  But, 7 pounds lighter, no kids in site, and being able to eat real food had me on cloud nine.

We got home and then traveled to Birmingham for a special pheasant dinner prepared by the amazing Frank Stitts at Bottega for our group of 18.  What I’m trying to say here is that I did not have the best week after as far as segueing into healthy eating…I was on Spring Break and I ate and drank.

You know what?  Usually Spring Break packs on another 6 – 8 pounds (which would have put me, pre-detox dangerously near the 160 mark)  But, even with all this, I’m still down 4 pounds.  I call that a 10 – 12 pound swing from where my usual Spring Breaks put me and I’m THRILLED.  If I had been able to immediately move into healthy green filled meals, I’m sure I would have been better off. With vacations behind me, I’m concentrating hard to get summer ready and the detox results have me focused.  I will continue to incorporate the protein shakes and Thermo Bubbles into my Spring eating.  I LOVE the Thermo Bubbles drink as it really gives me sustained energy throughout the day (for me, this means I don’t need coffee and I can better fight the desire to lay down mid-afternoon) and it has extra fat burners as well.  While $45 for 10 drinks, just think of all the money you will be saving not drinking wine and coffee for a while.  I really love these drinks as part of a daily regimen to keep me focused on my daily goals this Spring.

David Kirsch Thermo Bubbles

To find out what I am doing to battle cellulite, click here.  Can you tell I am on a mission?  Join me.  I want strength in numbers.

The Bliss FatGirl Slim products, Solidea shorts, and David Kirsch products will be featured at a Maxwell Aesthetics “Resort Ready”event this Thursday, April 1, 2010.  Go check out the beautiful store.

The Maxwell Aesthetic lobby and retail store are one and the same. The collection of products is impressive and the decor makes you feel very Santa Monica

You will also receive free samples of David Kirsch Vitamin juice, a coupon for 20% off one facial and $150 coupon toward any two Dysport injections. The first 40 people will also receive a free swag bag with either an On the Cuff, Peek a bu Grooming Mirror or Shadow Shields. I love free and I love swag. Elizabeth will pop in so if you see her, say hi.  I’ll be in Huntsville and I’m sad to miss.  But, really, if you want to center yourself toward some serious goals, bite the bullet and do the 5 day Detox, try out the Thermo Bubbles and if your thighs in any way resemble mine, take advantage this Thursday at the Maxwell Aesthetics Resort Ready event.  The mental high from taking charge of your body shape will  lift your spirits…it always does mine.  Get going!

If you’ve always wondered about surgical options (and who hasn’t at least wondered?) there will be someone there who can quietly answer your questions.  (Sometimes easier than actually making an appointment)  Consider it a bit of a free consult.  Summer is coming.  Be ready.

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