5 Trends for Spring 2013

Each spring I feel like I hear the same things. Flowers are so in. Nautical is so “of the moment.” Pastels are THE color. And tribal…get you some tribal, as it’s SO fresh! Knowing this, instead of trying to convince you that Spring 2013′s much talked about color combination–black and white–is somehow new and, thus, worthy of headlines everywhere, I will merely reaffirm what we all know: black and white has always been and will always be relevant and in style. But, where it’s taken a back seat during the last few years, black and white has edged ahead this season as the front runner of “it” color combinations.

SB NOTE: All items today are available online and are linked to sources. However, we always encourage readers to shop locally. For instance, the brand Alice + Olivia is found at Gus Mayer in Nashville and Birmingham; J McLaughlin has locations in Louisville, Nashville and Atlanta; Kayce Hughes is in Nashville and Atlanta, and so is Judith Bright; and J.Brand is sold at Oakhall in Memphis… You get the picture!

Personally, I really think a black and white striped shirt is fabulous with SO many outfits that I encourage you to find your favorite one this spring, as there are plenty of options!

Black and White:


Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2013.



Michael Kors, Spring 2013

Here are some black and white items that have caught my eye. I really do enjoy bright yellow accents with this color combo:

Black and White



Petite dress

DKNY long sleeve tee

Wallis summer top

Raquel allegra
$155 - farfetch.com

White house black market skirt

Twist jewelry

Baublebar jewelry


The Peplum:

Another big trend being talked about is the peplum. Again, this is not new or groundbreaking news. But, peplums are a trend (unlike black and white which is an ‘always’) that do come and go, so mark it as “in” again for 2013. I give Kate Middleton full credit for this one.





Bermuda Shorts:

Bermuda shorts are “in,” but really, for so many they should never be considered “out.” Bermuda shorts that fall a couple of inches above the knee are flattering on most women and 2″ shorts are flattering on very few. The good news is that there will be more options this year to choose from!



Now, for a more “everyday woman” weekend application:

Bermuda Shorts Spring/Summer


Nydj shorts


Clarks high heel shoes

Halogen patent shoes


Baublebar jewelry


Twist jewelry

Baublebar jewelry

J Crew j crew



Shiny Shoes:

Shiny, metallic, pointy shoes. Okay. As a trend that hasn’t been seen in a very long time, this one is new and fresh. My immediate thought is that copper is the easiest of the color selections to wear. These are really fresh and fun as flats, small heels and high heels. Be careful with this trend… I’m not sure it will last long, and a more matte metallic is easier to wear. But, I do think they are fun as long as you don’t pair with 80′s neon and acid washed jeans…


Shiny Shoes



Sporty Dresses

The last trend we are highlighting today is the sporty dress trend. The sporty theme brings a fun look to Spring and Summer 2013 and these dresses are made with fabrics found in many activewear lines. They are breathable and wrinkle resistant–perfect for the impending hot weather. Also, most require the wearer to have a pretty good physique.



Sporty Dresses, to wear nowhere near sporting events:

Sporty Dresses




There are lots more trends floating around, and while these 5 are good for the short list, there are definitely some others that we’ll be highlighting later this season. And, as an added note, if you read anything that tells you white jeans are “in,” realize that they are probably not from the South. White jeans are ALWAYS in here!