SB FINDS Louisville: November 2011

Turkey Centerpieces and Thankful Cards

Cartwheels has a gaggle of great Thanksgiving decorations.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Turkey centerpieces from Cartwheels

These turkey centerpieces would look great on your table.  They come in small and large.   Displayed next to them are these “Thankful Cards” for your guests to fill out.

I Am Thankful for: Cartwheels!!

 They’re Real Mascara by Benefit

They're Real. Eyelashes, not that other thing you were thinking first.

Somebody needs to march down to the marketing department of Benefit and beg them to change the name of this mascara.  Simply terrible.  However, this mascara is brilliant.  It really really really works.  And, as I will explain to you in tomorrow’s post, I am a connoisseur of mascara, so take my word for it.  Available for $22 at Sephora.





The sister to the PurseKeyper, a great concept developed by Louisvillian Dana Mainka, the PhoneKeyper holds your phone and attaches to the PurseKeyper, which attaches to your seat, the shopping cart, whatever you want.  Now you can wear your keys and phone like a wristlet.  Also, you can fit your glasses, credit cards, IDs, money, coupons and other things in addition to your phone.  PhoneKeyper’s retail for $16 and PurseKeyper retails for $20.  Sold at Dillard’s, Celebrations and Ginny’s Hallmark to name just a few places.


Necklace from Taigan

We often find ourselves looking through Taigan’s selection of items. This site is filled with beautiful specialty stores from around the country. We all know that feeling of bumping into amazing boutiques and shops, or even a bakery, while on vacation. Many of those stand out stores are represented on Taigan. A recent find on Taigan was this Susan Elizabeth Globes necklace for just $90. Based in Chicago, Susan Elizabeth makes each piece by hand!

Susan Elizabeth Globes Multi-Short Necklace $90


Louisville Subway Sign

Louisville Subway Sign, available at the Urban Farmhouse Market for $75

This is handmade art is made at the Urban Farmhouse Market, a new store located on Frankfort Avenue.   It is adorable and would make a great gift for that Louisvillian in your life.  The store is a gem, so be sure to stop by. 

 Acrylic Monogram Necklaces 

Beautiful turquoise monogram necklace on a guest at Outstanding in the Field, earlier this month.

 In the huge selection of pictures that I was sifting through from the Outstanding in the Field dinner earlier this month, this one caught my eye.  Photographer Kay Ohta had taken a picture of just the guest’s necklace (so obviously it caught his eye too).  I had never seen anything like this that was not made of silver or gold.  I was in Serendipity recently and found them.  They are acrylic monogram necklaces by moon & lola for $78.  They come in 18 colors, but I think I love the turquoise the most. 

Calypso St. Barth Bag

This Calypso St. Barth bag will have you embracing your inner bohemian self, since it works as well with a pair of wide legged jeans and a felt hat as it does with a cashmere sweater and skinny jeans tucked into boots. Use this bag with any piece in your wardrobe that falls on the casual, fun or funky side and your outfit is complete.  Shop online at

Salander Hobo with metal snake detail on strap. $695

 Louvre Me Louvre Me Not by OPI


Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

I love this color for fall.  I’m not quite ready for Vamp (Chanel) or Wicked (Essie) because the sun is still shining and I’m not ready to go full vampire nails yet.  So this is a good middle of the road  plum/purple color.  I have it on now in the Opi Axxium Gel and it is more plum than in this picture. 


Sashimi Grade Tuna or the Marinated Tuna from Trader Joe’s

Seared Ahi Tuna, photo from

This was a recommendation from Robyn during my Trader Joe’s trip in Chicago.  I have bought it three times since Trader Joe’s opened.  I have bought the plain and the pre-marinated.  The first time I ate it, it tasted like the tuna at Jack Fry’s.  No lie.  It is about $6 a package, which is so inexplicably cheap for the quality of this fish. 


Button Bobby Pins

Button Bobby Pins

 These cute little treats are sold at Serendipity, three for $12.  And no two are just alike.  What a cute stocking stuffer or gift for both kids and adults alike.